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Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

– ( coughing ) – Kevin: Is this full-fledged attack? – Oh, ( bleep ) – ( heart monitor beeping ) Oh, God. Oh, Jesus, not like this, Pete. – ( Pete grunts ) – Oh, my God. ( coughing…

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Nerf War: 1 Million Subscribers

Wooooh(GONE CRAZY) Wooooh! One Million. Congratulations boys a million subscribers oh hmmm What do we do now? *Ding dong* Ooooh Looks like we got some fan mail. Dear Paul, Congratulations on reaching one million subscribers. What an amazing accomplishment. We…

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Talking Tom and Friends, minisode 2 – Anti-social

Woohhoo… Saturday night time… What do you guys suppose like doing? Guys? Who’s hungry? We could go see a film? There may be a bunch of new ones out this week. Anyone? Possibly we might go get a coffee. Huh?…

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