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The Science of Hypnosis

Focus your eyes on this swinging watch. You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy… And now, once I snap my fingers you’re going to watch this entire video. *SNAPS* you’ll have obvious hypnotists make humans go to sleep on command, quack like…

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poison ivy hypnosis

Strategy to say it I told you this used to be the unsuitable condo Woodson spot it can be no longer my fault would not you tell your father sleeping you should have already found ep your whole fault now…

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Your Mind’s “Hypnosis Room” & State Dependent Learning

Any other feedback or questions? Do you need to stand up? I don’t know if anybody else felt this fashion, however for me what amazed me was that it virtually doesn’t topic what you say to me, I could go…

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Relaxation Video 2 – Self Hypnosis Course

Hi everyone this is Katerina Gustavo’s from agony free drug-free calm and in these days we’ll be doing a rest video so I would like you to get into a fine at ease function someplace the place you will not…

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lady therapist hypnotized girl with hypnosis

So Nicole correct good enough Nicole Wyatt why are you coming to look me in these days for some hypnotherapy good I just i’ve terrible stage fright dance it is really complicated for me to be up in entrance of…

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