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5 Best Chest Exercises | The Pro’s Tips | Powertec Fitness

What’s up guys, this is Amanda Machado, I am here with Francisco Soriano at the Powertec Headquarters in Southern California. We are going to exercise some chest today in offseason, so we’re gonna demonstrate five exercises that is a must for you, so let’s go! All right so we’re gonna start with some bench press. Very important here, bench press, to keep your feet on the ground okay.

I see a lot of people sometimes at the gym putting their feet up, that’s a no-no, you need to actually have your body completely stabilized and using your legs to actually Center a little bit of your body, so let’s go. We’re gonna start here with 45 plate each side, so we’re gonna start with just a few reps right now, Francisco’s already warmed up and as you can see he goes all the way down, controlling the weight going a little bit slower as he is going down and exploding on the way up. So let’s go, one two, three, and explode. So notice, Francisco could stretch right after his workout, actually between sets. He holds a little bit, about 10 seconds each side and then right after a little bit of stretching he goes into a pose of the muscle that he’s actually working on. Right now we’re working chest so he’s gonna hit a chest post and we’re gonna count about ten seconds.

Remember again we’re actually training for a competition so it’s very important that we train our poses as well. All right, so let’s hold ten seconds. Important is that Francisco is actually holding the muscle and trying to actually keep some balance there because on stage he is gonna actually have to show that he has full control of his body. So we came back from bench press and now we are going towards cables so let’s take the top off so you can actually take a look at the muscle working out. We’re gonna do it just a few reps, perhaps twelve, and really squeeze towards the end so you can actually really feel that muscle working. Let’s go All right, so let’s squeeze a little bit towards the end and just keep it there for a second and then go back, and explode a little bit and then squeeze and stay there for a second.

Really connect the mind and the body, so really thinking about your upper chest feeling your upper chest feeling all the blood going there. Squeeze a little bit more and stay there for a second. Go back up. Go back down and stay there for a second. Good job. Yes always remember to breathe, I like to hear breathing, so Francisco let me hear you. Yeah, go downward. That breath actually helps a little bit of the body to get that momentum so let’s stay a little bit longer down, just one, two, three, go back up and then one, two, three, and one more time, one, two, three, and go back up pick up.

Okay guys, here’s Amanda. she is gonna do incline press with dumbbells, as well she is very careful the way she put her feet on the ground, always there, and controlling the weight. So this exercise works the upper chest. She’s gonna do about 10 to 12 reps controlling the breathing. go down slow, and controlling the weight. You see the way she’s gonna put the weight up, sometimes we are by ourselves and we don’t have somebody to do it for us. She’s gonna do one at a time and always controlling the weight. Very important because they’re free weights is also easier to get injured. If you ever lose control of the weight, you drop it. Don’t try to keep it on the over the hand, the only thing you can do is damage the shoulder. or chest. Control the breathing It’s a two -movement exercise, It’s very important on this exercise whenever you help or you ask for help, it’s always on the elbows, never on the wrist.

Never. You won’t be able to control the weight and you will injure the person you are helping. Always on elbows. Amanda is going to be doing an isolation type of exercise. This is mostly to bring the fibers out of the chest The cuts, the definition, the shape of the chest. It is working the lower part of the chest as well. I’m here as a partner, I’m here to support and help, but remember, when you help somebody – you only help when it’s needed. She is the one who’s doing the exercise.

Let’s do it, come on. Did you see, she is crossing, she’s going from one side to the other side so she can squeeze when she’s up. Squeeze. Squeeze. Hold it. She is holding the weight up. It’s not only the weight, It’s the way she’s holding the weight. Until she’s ready, now it’s getting harder. These are the good reps, when it hurts. It start’s ‘hurting’ in the muscle when you start feeling fatigue. That’s when the exercise starts being effective. She’s gonna show the side chest. She’s gonna hold it for about ten seconds and that helps with the definition. Remember that at the end you have to have fun. It’s supposed to be fun, it’s a lifestyle and you’re supposed to do it every day, so you need to enjoy it.

Moving on, Amanda is gonna perform the fifth and last exercise of the day. This is called dips, and she’s using her own body weight. She’s going down, stretching. You’re using the chest as well with the triceps, even though it’s only the body weight, it’s a very hard exercise to do. We mostly do it at the end of a chest workout. If you want to help somebody doing these exercises just hold the feet from the back, and just help a little bit. Two more, one, last one, good job. She’s gonna rest for maybe 40 seconds, not even a minute as she’s gonna do another three more sets. An we are done with the five exercises for chest today. Francisco demonstrated a few, I demonstrated a few, the most important thing to do here is actually to have somebody who you trust with you at the gym so you can guide you a little bit on how to perform the exercise, help you a little bit loading the weight, taking off the weight. Very important too that you keep in mind – cardio never before weightlifting, because we want to be energetic, we want to have the energy to move the weight, so if you want to perform cardio, make sure that you perform right after your exercise, your weight training, make sure that you’re well-fed before walking inside of the gym, and right after the gym too.

I hope that you have learned something, I hope that you apply these techniques to your workout and stay motivated, stay well fed and stay hungry at the gym always. I’ll see you soon, bye..

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