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Perform The Perfect Pull-Up | Powertec Fitness

Hello everybody my name is Brian Wesley I’m a professional track and field sprinter Where we are is the Powertec headquarters here in Southern California right here is my good friend Erin Brown she’s a health and wellness coach in this video we’re going to show you three essential exercises that’s going to help you master a pull-up so miss Erin Brown you ready? let’s go first exercise that we’re going to talk about is lat pull-downs so within lat pull downs you’re going to sit down position yourself you’re gonna retract your shoulders back, depress the shoulders down and round your thoracic spine you’re gonna have your hands over the bar thumbs over and as you’re pulling on keep your elbows in to a point where when you’re squeezing the main part of your back that will be contracted is your lats What I like to put Erin through is sets between three to four sets within each set I like to have Erin do 15 reps the reason why is because I want to make sure that every single muscle within Erin’s back it’s being recruited Where she is doing a movement I like her to bring in the weight fast but release it slow, slow contractions so everything is constantly being engaged In this exercise which is called cable rows I’m gonna grab the bar under grip the reason why you doing under grip it because the main focus of this exercise is the center part your back as opposed to the outer grip which would be more so your lats so as you grab the bar you’re gonna step back and as you’re stepping back you’re gonna hinge or you’re gonna slightly bend your knees and that you slightly bend your knees you’re gonna hinge your hips back so your glutes and your hamstrings be your base so you don’t have to put any pressure in your lower back then after that you’re gonna bring in chin down, pull your shoulders back and then you’re gonna pull and as you’re pulling your Center back will be the ones that are being contracted as opposed to your lats the benefit of doing cables as opposed to free-weight is that with cables the muscles are constantly being engaged so the most important aspect of what they’re doing this exercise is having a very very strong base what I mean by base is having your body in the right position where you won’t hurt yourselves another reason why we’re doing cables as opposed to doing free-weights is that with cables you lower probability of getting hurt the most difficult muscle group to train in your body is your back because it’s behind you therefore you’re not able to see it the purpose of the these two exercises is what is gonna do in order for you to perform a pull-up these exercises teaching your muscles how to be activated we’re putting ourself in a position where it has to squeeze it had to perform therefore we need perform or pull up your muscles like oh I’ve felt this contraction before okay I’ll be able to do this movement so this exercise right here is what you call a unilateral exercise so the main focus of unilateral exercises is to help you with your imbalances so this exercise will keep you from doing a pull-up unevenly where one side is leaning more than the other side the same concept when you doing bilateral exercises when you’re doing rowing you want to keep the elbow close to your shoulder as you’re pulling the weight towards your body you want all the pressure go towards your lats and other areas of your back because you have your elbows up most of the pressure goes towards your shoulders so whenever you’re doing a unilateral exercise especially this one right here you have a greater range of motion so whenever you’re extended out when you pull up you can actually twist yourself to get a better squeeze with the movement to have more thorough contraction of the body right here is the assisted pull up the reason why this machine is so beneficial is because it’s assisting you to do an actual pull-up so therefore you able to concentrate on your body position how do the movement and most importantly get as much repetitions in there as you possibly can for your body to understand how to do it when you’re not using this machine all right within assisted pull-up what I like to do with my beginner clients is I like to add a lot of weight onto the machine so it kind of balanced them in order to do the movement and able to process the movement as thorough as it possibly can as they started to progress what I like to do is I subtract weight off of the assisted pull up so it makes it more challenging for them so as they become stronger and stronger and stronger the main goal is for them to be able to pull up their own body as an athlete what I like to do and incorporate this machine to my exercise is I like to put at the end of my workout so during my workouts it involve a lot of explosive lifts a lot of heavy lifting a lot of reps a lot of sets I incorporate assisted pull-ups to do quote-on-quote ‘burnouts’ when you go all the way down personally I keep my shoulders depressed and retracted back so my lats are constantly engaged but when I’m all the way down I feel a stretch in my lats as soon as I feel it I stretched my lats that enables me to go back up to keep the muscles constantly engaged well there you have it ladies and gentlemen those are the three essential exercises I love to bring my clients through in order for them to master a pull-up so I miss Erin Brown what are the key factors you have got from these exercise that we just did I would say the first one is to make sure my chest and head are facing upward the second would be to make sure my shoulders are retracted and that I’m driving my elbows down towards the ground and the third one would definitely be the mind muscle connection just making sure that I can engage all the muscles in my back while doing a pull up yes mind-muscle connection is very important when doing pull-ups especially muscles behind you so on that note I hope you incorporate these exercises into your routine so you can be strongat pull ups like my good friend Erin Brown right here until next time train hard see you again soon

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