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I Want Plastic Surgery?! | Weight Loss + Fitness Q&A

Hi guys I feel like it’s been forever since I filmed a video it hasn’t been that long but it’s sometime I don’t know it’s been a while okay hey guys it’s Adrienne welcome back to my channel and if you’re new or you found me somehow else then hi welcome my name is Adrienne and I like making videos obviously in today’s video I’m gonna be doing a Q&A I haven’t done one of these I don’t even know the last time I did one of these but I wanted to do it centered around weight loss and fitness and health mental health all those types of things because you guys been asking a lot of questions I love how much you loved my video about like the nine healthy habits that change my life if you haven’t seen that yet I will link it down below but anyway so yeah I’m gonna just be answering some of your guys’s questions from Instagram from my You Tube community tab all of the good stuff so if you want to find out how I got this rockin mod just kidding literally not that confident and if you didn’t know I live in Los Angeles I have a bunch of roommates who are youtubers as well and I would love if you came and subscribed and joined the Finch family been actually posting on oh my god it’s a miracle oh and I’m going to Coachella this weekend’s there’ll be tons of fun vlogs from that also I’m missing a chunk of eyelashes I don’t know how that happened I woke up one morning I literally had like a chunk missing tell me how that happens I don’t know alright guys without further adieu let’s just jump into the question question number one comes from Imogen grace how do you stay motivated and inspired to work out and maintain a healthy diet and who inspires you okay so honestly this is so hard for anyone for me it’s pretty much mandatory to be healthy because I have a bunch of food allergies if you didn’t know gluten dairy eat a lot of the foods I’m allergic to are unhealthy conveniently so I’m like kind of weirdly blessed in a way because it’s not just having an allergy is difficult I kind of like it cuz it forces me to have this good diet but obviously that’s not relatable because not everyone has food allergies but I think other than that seeing my own progress is my biggest motivation like knowing that I worked out and have been eating healthy and actually seeing a difference in my health and my weight and all that is what really drives me to like keep going because the thing is you are in charge of your own destiny and I realized that like if you wake up every single morning and you’re unhappy with your weight or how you look or you don’t like how you fit in your clothes you can do something to fix that and it is in your hands so you kind of just have to decide is it more worth being unhappy about all these things or putting yourself through a little bit of pain a little bit of discomfort doing some stuff that you don’t want to do in order to help get to that point where you are happier about those things I also found that getting healthy for me was a lot about like the principle of self discipline and not so much the actual act of it I wanted to be able to prove to myself that I could stick to something no matter how much I didn’t want to do it sometimes because here’s the thing if I can’t do something as simple as committing to working out maybe three four times a week how am I ever supposed to have the self-discipline and control to like achieve my bigger goals like writing and selling a TV show like how am I supposed to show myself that I have the discipline to stick with something no matter how lazy I want to be sometimes no matter how much I don’t wanna get out of bed so if you kind of have that mentality it really helps and then you’re really proud of yourself and you accomplished something in terms of who inspires me to be honest this sounds cliche and corny but me I’ve seen myself get to the point that I love and that I’m happy with and so if I know that I can get there then I just need to look up to that version of myself and just be that again like if I can do it once I can do it again question number two from Magdalena how did you find the ideal workout for you I’ve watched a ton of workout videos on YouTube and just other people’s workouts cuz I find that that’s really helpful I was always a sports player so transitioning from playing sports like going to a gym was always a really hard transition for me another really cool thing is if you sign up for a gym membership oftentimes they do like free personal training consultations so instead of paying for a bunch of personal training life hack if you just go to one and you kind of tell them like what goals you have for your body and your weight in your health they can show you a bunch of workouts that will target those areas and be good for you and then you can kind of just do them on your own so it’s really helpful actually like personal training just for the education of it like I don’t want to pay for that but now that I know a lot of those workouts I just do them on my own it’s also just really trial and error like you just got to try a bunch of things decide what you like and don’t like and what works and what you see results from and it even really helps to like write down the workout and that’s Shelley asks what have you found to be your favorite and least favorite types of workouts I hate running outside I literally hate it it’s so hard and it sucks so I actually preferred around on a treadmill a lot of people don’t but for me it’s like if I just set 20 minutes and I have the same pace I just kind of like zone out to music and like I don’t see an end in sight I’m like counting down time which for me is easier other people totally disagree but I think running outside is hard so I hate it my favorite workouts I think are anything for like the booty and the ABS I love doing workouts that are easy because I’m amazing as probably one of you are too I actually posted a video that was like 11 workouts you can do from your bed I will link that also down below but seriously like anything I can do from my bed is so so nice and a lot of like ab workouts and things you can do in home in home in your home in your room whatever aren’t so easy and so yeah easy workouts for my favorite Jordin Marie asks how do you stay in a routine also how do you slowly cut out junk food so for me staying in a workout routine was really easy because I was paying for a gym membership and so because I was paying money I wanted to make sure that I went enough times where it was worth what I was paying I don’t want to pay 60 bucks 100 bucks a month and then go twice like that means each workout was fifty dollars and to me that’s not worth it so as much as paying for a gym membership kind of sucks if it’s actually gonna be the difference of getting you out of bed in the morning versus not then i really suggest doing it to me it made it worth it when I realized that I was getting my bang for my buck I was working out enough times to make what I was paying worth it so to be honest that’s really what motivates me and how do you slowly cut out junk food honestly it’s just about eating it in moderation like I don’t restrict myself I love solving mittigar – Oh candy I think that’s healthy I don’t think you should just totally restrict yourself because then you’re gonna want it all at once you’re gonna want to eat like all the candy so I would just say like limit yourself like don’t keep in your house foods that you don’t want to be eating so like don’t buy three bags of salt and vinegar chips because you will eat that and I just keep it in moderation I make sure you really healthy all day and then I can have some some dairy free ice cream from Trader Joe’s a really good but guys also all these things are asking like I struggle with – it’s not this perfect formula Victoria asks any good apps for workout I think I’m gonna do a whole video on this so I’m gonna save this because yes there are none off the top of my head that I like love so I’m gonna do a little research or maybe make a video about it thanks for the suggestion at least when asked what is mental health mean to you mental health to me is literally everything my parents are both psychologists so I grew up with just mental health being such an important thing addressing issues that you have mentally is so important mind is body is soul it’s all connected and avoiding mental health issues and topics is not healthy to me I was tweeting back and forth with a really sweet girl about mental health the other day actually and it does suck that not everyone’s parents or families or friends are supportive or are educated about mental health and some people don’t understand how serious it is having a mental health disorder disease illness can be life crippling and getting help for it can be life-changing and I have ADHD and I got help for it finally and I was getting all these other symptoms like depression anxiety fatigue all these things from my ADHD and I had no idea that it was because of that I thought I just had all these problems and I ended up going to a doctor for my anxiety and he was like you have ADHD so bad and now that I solved that it got rid of like so much of my anxiety and all my other issues and for so long I just didn’t address it and then I finally did and literally it changed my life anyway that was a really long ramble the explanation of like mental health means everything to me and I have my parents to thank for supporting me on that and for educating me on that Emily Molino asks how do you maintain your fitness and nutrition while on vacation this is such a good question and honestly it’s so hard but I’m also a firm believer in taking breaks so like if I’m on vacation I don’t want to be miserable like trying to fit my workouts in every day I want to like enjoy my vacation I want to eat things that I want to eat but I also think that it’s really important to view it not so much as like how can I work out on vacation but more so how can I make sure I bounce back the second I get back and not fall into this rut of like losing complete motivation and just not working anymore there are also so many easy ways to work out as I mentioned before like if you’re on a tropical vacation you can do some abs by the pool you can run on the beach like instead of thinking glass-half-empty like oh I’m not doing my full workouts I’m gonna get so behind I think of glass-half-full like yo I’m on vacation I wouldn’t be working out anyway and look at me doing 15 minutes of abs by the pool like that’s how I like to think of it because then I’m just happy I did anything yeah Gabby W asks where do you find your healthy recipes online Pinterest literally Pinterest has everything I’ll link my Pinterest down below but I find so many like gluten free dairy free recipes on there and it is just oh it’s just like this whirlwind of everything like it has literally everything and it’s this world of recipes so I always use Pinterest Momo asks have you ever gotten surgery nope I have never ever written surgery especially nothing having to do with weight loss I’ve never gotten plastic surgery anything but if you want to be in on a little secret I will tell you I really am interested in getting no surgery I have so many issues with my nose inside and out over the years I have smacked and broken and bruised and just destroyed my nose I’ve always had like a little bit of a bump in my nose but I honestly never cared that much and like yes I’m not gonna lie being on camera all the time and seeing pictures of myself all the time does bother me like I don’t love how my nose looks like I don’t value needing to change aspects of my body just because I’m not fully happy with them I feel like we’re all beautiful and we don’t need to do that but I’m gonna be a little bit of a hypocrite and say I think I still might get no surgery first I’m gonna have them look in the inside see what they say but then if it’s easy enough to like fix the bump I’ll fix the bump why not this is my rule of plastic surgery I always told myself I’m never allowed to fix my nose cosmetically until I get every other aspect of my body that I’m insecure about that I can control in control why should I be allowed to pay money and be fake and have a fake nose job knows if I can’t even work out enough to be happy with my weight cuz like I don’t feel like people should just pay money and be fake to like look prettier it’s like put in the work girl you know okay I was a bit of a tangent but you heard it here first I think that’s the first time I ever said that on social media I want a nose job so maybe I’ll get one we’ll see I’m also like really terrified I’m terrified of surgery I’m terrified of changing my face I’m terrified it’s gonna look ugly so I don’t know I don’t even know oh god I’m gonna butcher your name I’m sorry samatha zog asks how do you have a workout which is less time-consuming but more effective my biggest tip for this is circuit training what that means is doing like a minute of one workout a minute of another and constantly switching reason why is that no matter how hard the workout is you know you only have to do it for one minute so you can make the reps a little bit harder and then you know that you’re like doing it for one minute and that’s it and then you’re switching so I used to go to a studio that would do like a minute on a bike and then a minute weights or abs or whatever and all of the minutes not on the bike would kind of switch off you can do this yourself in a gym too you can like do a minute of sit-ups and then a minute of push-ups and then a minute of sit-ups and then a minute of weights and then a minute of sit-up I don’t know you know you can make it throughout when I do that I only do about 30 or 35 minutes because I’m going so hard that whole time and then I end up feeling like I just died and ran 10,000 marathons but it was only 35 minutes so that’s my biggest tip before that are you guys well

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