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Tammy Hembrow Bum Workout & Sugar free vegan brownies

It’s Jays birthday cool hat man thanks hi babe happy birthday we just finished our mountain bike okay hmm how many can we do 1269 calories whoa burn baby burn that’s a good one even Maltesers yeah buddy so we just sit down at the park are we gonna have a picnic and I got us these healthy treats and not anybody feel shit yeah what’s that muffin not extreme blueberry chocolate so it’s a paleo brownie extreme blueberry flavour and then I got myself I got like extreme kumara if you ever want like a treat and like a healthy treat this one here or the extreme blueberry so they’re like vegan brownies pretty much this one’s made from like kumara and the other ones made from coconut flour and they are delish the one that I think is about as hardcore is that over oh my god hey guys so I just finished at the gym super early in the morning it’s like quarter to nine and I’ve already done sort of food shopping for the day and I’m gonna hit earn and I’m gonna get my eyelashes extended okay so just got back from getting my eyelashes data this is what they look like up close today I’m going to I’m going to the gym huh okay lady anyway so today I’m gonna go to the gym and I’m gonna follow a Tammy Hembrow booty workout so I’ll record it and show you guys I’m going to do out of it to okay anyway so I’m just gonna wrap up this walk here we literally just finished their workout I did the Tammy hembrow booty workout that she’s posted online I thought I’d give it a go and it was super good like it really worked my glutes and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a workout at the gym super fun too and if you guys don’t know who Tammy Hembrow is which pretty much everybody who like likes fitness does she like this this Fitness Instagram model search her up she’s got the most amazing body anyway yes so she was super super but she is like keep some muscle which I’m trying to build my muscle trying to grow my glutes

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