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FITNESS: ćwiczenia odpowiednie dla każdego

FITNESS: exercises suitable for everyone FITNESS: exercises suitable for everyone. Consultant: Hanna Fidusiewicz, initiator and coordinator of fitness movement in Poland, owner of Fitness Woman club, trainer. Fitness means physical fitness – strength, muscle power, endurance, flexibility, dexterity and agility. It is not so easy to achieve, but you should try and even have to, because physical fitness also gives you mental health and joy. Fitness is the most versatile activity that combines various forms of movement. He uses various types of equipment, which diversifies the classes. For fitness training to be effective and safe, it must be run according to established rules and adapted to age, sex, level of advancement and possible illnesses. Fitness classes are divided into endurance, strength and combined forms. Among them are weight-loss exercises that make us lose unnecessary fat. Exercises strengthening and shaping the figure, in addition to the fact that they burn body fat, also strengthen and sculpt individual parts of muscles. Stretching exercises make us more flexible and agile. In turn, pro-health exercises include training focused on the prevention of back pain, teaching the correct posture, strengthening weakened postural muscles – improving the strength of the abdominal muscles, back and buttocks, spine mobility, stretching of various muscle groups.Fitness is also classes on the balls.

It is a multidimensional training that allows you to balance the muscle tone of the right and left side of the body. Choreographic exercises are excellent for those who like to dance, and at the same time would like to lose weight, gain flexibility, change their figure, improve coordination. All are conducted to the rhythm of music. Fitness exercises: Pilates is good for beginners Fitness training can be started at any moment of life. A good form to start with can be pilates. These are classes combining elements of yoga, stretching and exercises shaping the figure. They are run in positions favoring relieving the spine and other joints. Combined with the correct breathing technique, they also give you relaxation. During these exercises deep muscles work, responsible for body posture – in other types of dynamic exercises with music, these muscles participate only to a minimal extent. It is a mistake to think that people who have back problems or injuries should not exercise.

The only condition is to choose appropriate activities in consultation with the instructor. In both cases, the movement is a stimulant, and when used properly it always leads to health. Fitness: you can choose slimming, stretching and strengthening exercises. There are so many proposals of fitness classes that it is difficult to present them all. Here are some particularly interesting ones. Body pump – strength and strength training with the use of barbells. It aims to sculpt and strengthen muscles and increase their strength.

Cardio funk – you could call these classes street dancing in the march. Guaranteed weight loss, in addition, we strengthen the heart, that is, improve the condition. Circuit – classes conducted using steppes and other accessories: barbells, weights, rubber expanders. They strengthen all muscle groups; a great way to get rid of subcutaneous fat. Zumba – a combination of dance and aerobics inspired by Latin rhythms.

The selected steps form a closed sequence repeated several times during one song, a different set of steps for each music. Zumba improves coordination, shapes the figure, because of the aerobic nature helps in shedding weight. Steop & Shape – interval training improving the condition and firming the body. These are exercises with gears interspersed with simple steps on the aerobic steppe – it involves combining aerobics with elements of martial arts: kick-boxing, taekwondo, boxing, aikido and karate, which is performed to the rhythm of the music. A good way not only to discharge energy, but also to improve efficiency, modeling the figure, losing a few kilos; it shapes the abdominal muscles well; Power Jump – it’s body shaping during the dance on the trampoline.

SLIDE – on a special sliding mat, movements similar to skating are performed. Hydrospinning – it’s a ride on a stationary bike in the water. It not only improves the condition, but also shapes the figure. Fitness: Aerobic exercise with oxygen and help to burn fat. Aerobic exercise, which includes not only aerobics, but also swimming, walking, running, rowing, cycling, are now a fitness part. It is such exercises during which the heart beats faster than usual for a long time. The blood circulates faster, providing more oxygen to the cells and tissues, including the heart muscle. We practice at a moderate pace, then the body burns body fat most efficiently. And by the way we improve the coordination of movement. Depending on the weight of the body, the type and intensity of fitness exercises, you can burn from 300 to 500 kcal per hour. Most on the steppe, less during fit ball or pilates classes. Fitness – exercises with head Aerobics promoted by Jane Fonda became fashionable in the 1980s. The training was intense and consisted mainly of various variants of fast running and jumping.

After a few years, the doctors said that such exercises are suitable for healthy and trained people, but for someone who last practiced in PE classes, definitely not. However, the methodical elaboration of individual activities has made aerobics a safe training on health. You also need to follow a few general rules. Exercise regularly, 2-3 times a week a minimum of 30 minutes. Let it be reinforcement classes, once choreographic or cardio and once stretching. Do not forget to warm up before exercising and stretching the muscles after training. Eat a small meal at least an hour before exercise. After training, in half an hour – a small snack. You can practice in the morning – then the workout will give you an injection of energy for the whole day or afternoon, when fitness will act like an antidote to fatigue. Workout on machines: all muscles work. Half-hour training on hydraulic machines works all muscles. The machines are constructed in such a way that you do not have to change the device on which you train, that the antagonistic muscles work. Resistance, load works both ways. Thanks to the two-phase design, we do 2 times more exercises in 2 times less time.

The entire training takes place in a circle, which consists of 8 or more devices. On each machine, 45 seconds are practiced, and aerobic exercises are performed between each. You can march, run in a place or just step on a step. By performing many different exercises on all muscle parts at the optimal pace, peripheral training improves both strength and endurance..

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