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Center for Wellness at UW Health at The American Center

It’s an approach to care, that recognizes that we’re more than just physical bodies. That we’re minds and spirits and community members. Health then really takes into account the whole realm of our human experience. The Center for Wellness tries to attend to all of that — to mind, to body, and spirit. To do that means you have to ask people what’s most important to them. We’re changing the conversation from ‘What’s the matter with you?’ and really extending that to ‘What really matters to you?’ Because the answers to those questions give us information about how people take care of themselves. To get them to see that their health is actually the vehicle to connect them to the things in their life that really matter most. Scientific evidence is really clear that the way we live our lives has really significant bearing on our health outcomes. The Center for wellness is a place. Tt’s a physical space, but it’s also sort of a movement that we’ve been referring to as participatory medicine. Teaching people things that they can do for themselves to stay healthy, in addition to the care that they get from their healthcare providers.

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