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TRUE HEALTH is EASY so TAKE YOURS BACK | Health and Wellness

Good day everybody this is Anthony Reed my channel has been around for a little while now but I’ve never really said what do I want to do I want to reach out to each and every one of you to let you know that health is something available for everyone and it’s easy my passion is to help all of you that’s what drives me to get up in front of this camera that’s what drives me to wake up and do what I do coaching people every day health you don’t have it you’ve got nothing you’re not waking up in the morning you’re not being you’re not happy when I started out on this journey I had a lot of issues going on I could barely walk up a flight of steps without without being winded without my heart just beating and me feeling like I’m about to have a heart attack I had a baby on the way you know what am I gonna do if I can’t carry my son so here I am you know about four or five years later I don’t have any of those issues anymore the heart issues that I was dealing with the health issues that I was dealing with are gone my journey it’s not just to tell you you know how how to do what I did because that just works for me everybody’s different but the same a lot of the same things are the same things for me that are for you and for everyone else if we did small principles now it’s more about getting in tune with with nature what your body’s trying to tell you I don’t care if you’re like the sickest person in the world and somebody tells you you’ve got one week to live how do they know they don’t know everything do your own research you know jump online don’t listen to me either I just want to push you know I don’t know everything either I try and I will continue to keep to keep trying to learn everything and I’ll never get there in the meantime though I want to bring what I have learned what I’ve learned from cross you know cross across many different different areas of health whether that’s on the alternative medicine side whether that’s into orthomolecular nutrition so don’t just listen to me either you know I’m not I’m not a guru I don’t know everything nobody knows everything the main reason I’ve got a channel going and I want to reach out to you guys is because every one every one of you deserves ultimate health I mean vibrant vibrant health you can’t be happy if you’re in pain all the time if everybody you knew was in vibrant optimal health life would be different wouldn’t it I mean my life changed dramatically when my health improved and I just want to be able to help others change theirs my belief is we all can get there we all have the ability we all have the ability to have optimal health and yes there are some out there who can’t be fully fully healthy in the way that many of us can be but everybody can be is maximally healthy as they can be and that’s just too important I want to see everybody be as happy as they can as healthy as they can as vibrant as they can because you only have the one life unless you think you got more but we’re dealing with this life today I have so much planned for this channel we’re going to have interviews we’re going to have breakdowns of specific specific health ailments and what you can do about them whether you have high blood pressure high cholesterol fibromyalgia headaches

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