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Healthy Living for Life – How can technology enhance your health and wellness? (Full Version)

Living longer living healthier living better than ever before welcome to Mountain-Pacific’s Healthy Living for Life a weekly series that gives you the information education and expert insight you need to become an active participant in today’s ever changing health care climate here now as today’s program host Americans spend billions of dollars on wearable technology to monitor track and improve health and fitness but do devices like Fitbit’s Apple watches and Microsoft bands really help make you healthier and what about other health devices being developed for personal use welcome to Healthy Living for Life a show dedicated to helping you do just that I’m your host Lisa Sather today we’ll talk about technology that can monitor your heart health diabetes and much more we’ll be right back welcome back joining us today is Dan Keith CEO and founder of It Starts With Me Health and Sharene Campbell a medical claims data analyst for It Starts With Me Health welcome welcome thank you for being here Dan before you dive into today’s show can you start out by telling us a little bit about It Starts With Me Health and what what this company is all about yeah we started the company about 16 years ago in Missoula and it was basically born out of the sort of the idea that some of the things I was seeing in the wellness industry I didn’t think were doing being done with a clinical focus that was that seemed to be lacking I’m a nurse by by training so anyway so started that and what we started doing was health screenings for employers where we would go out and draw blood and do the blood pressures but over the years we’ve actually become a lot more of a data company where we’re actually looking at data that kind of data as well as claims data pharmacy data and trying to put together clinical pictures of employees who are on an employer health plan with the ultimate goal of improving their health and then of course the employers interested is not they’re interested not only in having a healthy employee but they’re interested in having a healthy health plan so that’s what we do yes of course very very good so obviously you have a passion for taking people taking an active role in their own health care and can you can you talk a little bit about do you believe this wearable technology that we’re going to talk about today and fitness trackers can really help people be healthier absolutely I think I think it can all but I do think that it it’s up to the user there’s certain people that maybe just want to track their steps and that’s all they really need there’s other people with some of the technology will show later there’s some really wonderful things you can track and some health conditions that you can really do a lot of work as far as getting personal information on on a day to day basis and in that regard it’s really helpful especially when you can take some of that information to your physician and then the physician has a very aggregated trended result that he or she can look at and help provide care great so let’s talk about some of the wearable technology that’s out there and we’ll start out by talking about the fitness trackers whether they’re Fitbit’s whether they’re Apple watches or Microsoft bands and there’s a lot of other devices sharing can you just highlight a little bit about how these work well as you said there’s there’s different devices out there some of them you can actually wear on your wrist others are a little bit more discreet you can put them on your belt or on any other part of your body if you don’t want them actually visibly displayed to anyone and they do they track various data points whether it be your heart rate or by GPS where you go how far you’ve gone how quickly you’ve gotten there whether you’ve gone upstairs or downstairs and so there’s a lot of different capabilities just depending on the device that you’re looking at that you can track even sleep actually it will track your sleep good to know so how is knowing all of this information useful to folks you know what what do they do with that again like Dan said really trending your overall health how active are you every day versus you know certain times of the day for someone who sits a lot for work being able to see you know okay I haven’t got a lot of activity during the day and having a fitness band or some sort of app reminding you okay it’s time to get enough steps in today because you’ve been pretty sedentary all day and so it kind of gives you little goals to reach during the day and that ability to track okay am i meeting my goals or am I not yes I know that’s one of the things I like about mine is just that that friendly reminder that pops up as you’ve been sedentary for a while can you talk about how accurate this do these devices are you know really are they a reliable way for people to track their health and fitness I you know again it’s it’s a good trending some of them have been around for quite a while and they’re getting better and better others are newer to the market they don’t have as much testing maybe so you know really looking at some of the ratings and how people have used them and how people have received that data as as far as how they see it’s tracked I think is really important and and there are some that are very accurate you can get to your heart rate you can get how quickly you are pacing your run or your walk or whatever and and even the sleep like I said you can you can track how restful your sleep is or how long you’ve been sleeping and see different trends in that way so yeah there’s there’s different options out there and accuracy is is definitely one of those options you know one of the things I was thinking of is you know Fitbit had a challenge for a while with their heart rate accuracy of their of their monitors and I think they’ve fixed most of that but we used to have people come in with their Fitbit’s on and we would have our clinical pulse oximeter on which does your oxygen level and your pulse and so we would people would actually compare what their Fitbit was saying at the moment to the more clinical device and what we’ve found over the past probably three years is those numbers have really started to come together so it’s it’s very good I think most the time that’s pretty accurate now my daughter and I were together last week all week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and so we were together all day were our steps exactly matched up with each other no I think every day she had seven hundred or a thousand more steps than I had but roughly it was pretty close great yeah about a minute left and so maybe until we break a little bit here but it can you one of you hit on privacy you know folks might be concerned that this is tracking all of his personal health information is privacy an issue or a concern for folks who me just starts I want to do it is most of the fitness trackers and so on there isn’t really a lot of real personal data there other than maybe the demographics that you’ve entered into your profile but when people are searching online for fitness devices and so on you definitely want to check to make sure that they’ve run through the HIPAA process that they’re FDA approved because a lot of devices aren’t they’re just on the market and out there okay good information we’re going to be getting back to you in just a minute so we’re going to take a quick break and coming up next Dan and Sharene are going to show you some of the technology you can use to help monitor track and maintain or improve your health these are some cool gadgets you won’t want to miss don’t go away welcome back Dan Keith and Sharene Campbell are still with us and they brought some devices and mobile technology to help folks be more mindful about their health and be more active informed in the way they work with their doctors and health care teams Dan and Sharene thanks for sticking around to just show us some of the cool stuff you brought thank you so what do you got for us well I guess maybe a couple things to start yes one thing is I guess it would be great if viewers would grab a pad of paper and a pen because there’s gonna be we’re going to throw out some things that we don’t necessarily have the device here but there’s gonna be some things you might want to check out online absolutely the other thing is we’ve got a number of things here we’re going to try to blaze through and show but we aren’t endorsing any of these they aren’t our products we aren’t making any money on it we’re just trying to show what’s really cool and what’s really helpful out there for people perfect so sounds great so one of the first things I guess I wanted to do is I brought this this Bluetooth speaker and just to give people an idea of what what bluetooth is essentially all Bluetooth really means is you don’t need a wire to run between the devices so if I have music on my cell phone and I connect bluetooth through my phone to that speaker the music on my phone is going to come out of the speaker that’s the way a lot of these devices work the ones that work with smart phones we have ones that you don’t need a smart phone or a tablet for but that’s essentially what Bluetooth is where the data is sort of flowing through the air to to the to the unit so okay so let’s start there do you want to start or should we start with a blood pressure sure be this blood pressure cuff we’ve got a couple of different blood pressure cuffs here this one is bluetooth as I just described and this one will run on your cell phone or your your iPad this one does not require a cell phone at all but this this one is the top-rated one by Consumer Reports if if you don’t use a smart device what’s really neat about these I actually have high blood pressure and so and I was one of the ones that it’s really hard to take my blood pressure all the time it was just inconvenient because you’ve got have your cuff with you got to strap it on and so on and then you’ve got to write the numbers down or you’ve got to go into some sort of app that you’ve downloaded and you’ve got to you know type them in there what’s wonderful about these devices is that you can put this on your arm and you actually hit the start button on your phone so this starts blowing up by pressing a start button on your phone and when it does the readings it goes right in to your phone so that you can actually email those to your doctor you can take a little trend them for you you can say to your doctor here’s the my numbers for the past three weeks it made it extremely easy for me personally because all I had to do is was strapped on the cuff do the thing and then I’m off on running and I know everything’s been taken care of you don’t need another person to help us this take your blood pressure no and I don’t need a card to put in my wallet to write it down it’s just it’s wonderful yeah so guess what so I started taking my blood pressure more which is what I’m supposed to do that’s great maybe I’ll just show this really quick this is a an oximeter sometimes people with COPD or other lung conditions emphysema sometimes will be checking their oxygen level quite a bit this one is it’s no different than that usually most oximeters will check your your oxygen level and your pulse this one does it as well but it has a really nice display but it’s also bluetooth so when you have the app loaded on your phone or your iPad or so on the numbers actually go right in there so again if you’ve got a condition it’s very great for your doctor if you bring in this you just open your app and say here’s been all my numbers Wow very cool so awesome is that rechargeable then take your battery yep just recharges right here just like a cell phone okay yeah perfect same with the blood pressure cuff it also recharges and it’ll let you know when the battery’s running low so that you can plug it in great fantastic what else do we have to show there’s a one really cool device that’s been out here for a little while this is called the Kardia mobile and this is kind of a narrow use for this this is for people who have palpitations or a particular that the device was made for people with atrial fibrillation and one of the things with atrial fibrillation is sometimes the person can feel it or not but when they do feel it there’s really no way to say to the doctor to verify it essentially so this is device and again you’d open the app hey Siri open Kardia so the Kardia app opens on my phone and then I and the device is actually this this piece right back here so I’m going to let’s see if we can do this backwards this is actually my single lead EKG and your fingers are touching at the back of the phone where fingers are touching the back of it right now so so if I was experiencing my symptoms that were associated with my heart problem and I wanted to say is that what’s really happening right now I can record it right now and then I can send this strip to my doctor or bring it in to my doctor but I can email it at that moment as soon as it’s done and the app also will read it itself so it’ll tell you it reads it for a minute and then it’ll say is this normal or is this not normal unbelievable that is absolutely fascinating we have maybe a minute left before we have to take another break but price range for some of these can you talk just you know briefly about what we’re talking about for prices for some of the devices screen yeah well the device that he just showed this is about $100 there’s also the connection devices that you can hook it to your phone or they have a keychain they actually have technology now where it’s is able to connect to your watch as well so if you go online you can actually look up the different options that they have and it runs from about $100 to $200 for the watch piece of that the blood pressure cuffs you can find those as far as some good quality ones for around $80 to $120 for some of these Bluetooth ones if you have a less surface one that doesn’t hook to Bluetooth then you can run more towards the $30 to $60 range as far as the pulse oximeter that one those are around $50 to $60 well spent we’ll take a quick break here and we’ll come back in just a second they have a lot more to show us so don’t go away welcome back Dan and Sharene have some more technology to show us welcome back guys thank you let’s dive right in what’s not and then what’s next to show well we’re thinking we would start with some blood sugar monitors there are many many of them out there this is just one brand but there are a whole bunch of them out there and a lot of times people that are diabetic or checking their blood sugar frequently have their own monitor and they that’s the one they like to use is sometimes more technology isn’t necessarily better in that case because they’re comfortable with that and that’s just fine but if you want the technology and if you want to be able to use your smartphone and have all that automatic tracking some of these are fantastic and there’s just a dearth of them out there online there’s a lot you could do a lot of research on these you just got to find the one that you will the one that you like excellent yeah let’s look at that yeah sure Sharene going to show you this device here this this is for pain management a lot of people struggle with pain and take medications and so on and they’re just people often are trying to find a way to decrease their pain this is a device that has been out now for a couple of years and it it doesn’t work for everybody but it’s an interesting technology that is supposed to decrease pain it’s called Quell it’s not for migraines or headaches specifically but it’s for any other type of pain and I guess if you want to yeah well the electrode you actually get they’re replaceable so they’ll be sticky on the back when you put them on you will attach it to the little electrode connectors here and there’s actually within here there’s a strap that goes behind your leg and that will wrap around there and it’ll send those electric impulses that I guess quickly negate the pain that a lot of people suffer with so chronic back pain or different aches and pains in your joints it’s definitely proven effective as an non-medication alternative excellent option with something like that running for cost wise these I am trying to remember I believe these are about $200 okay yeah and the replacement patches I think are around like $25 it’s a great option great alternative to possibly medications yeah good to know so another pain that people often have is low back pain and there’s a very wonderful device that we have found that we’ve gotten rave reviews on it’s called BetterBack Sharene’s gonna put that on right now it’s pretty simple the device is actually the the case that it comes in it was developed by a physical therapist and it everybody that has used this has absolutely loved it and what it essentially does is it kind of forces you to sit up straight now you certainly could slouch but it really yeah and that’s a wonderful device this Sharene how much are those these are $50 to $60 that you can find on Amazon okay that’s better back great awesome and can you show us but you know maybe really quickly to folding that back up the real quick the packaging that that came in because it’s just it’s all-inclusive it makes it great for portability you can take it to the office with you you can take it on long trips no obviously you wouldn’t drive with this on but yeah if you’re the passenger or you’re in a plane this is just a great way to give your low back support or women who are pregnant carrying their weight a little bit different a lot of good very different options how about you want to talk about let’s do the scales let’s talk about the scales real quick there’s a lot of different smart scales out there that will read not only just your weight but it’ll also again work Bluetooth with your phone to give you trending give you a rough idea of body fat percentage some of them will even take your heart rate through the bottom of your feet and what’s really fantastic is if you find a brand that you really like and you want to attract multiple things such as your weight your blood pressure your blood sugar you can use one app and all of that can be tracked in one area instead of going to multiple websites or multiple apps on your phone to keep that data altogether so there’s a ton of different options some of them are very cheap you can go buy at the store for $30 to $50 they’re not going to be as accurate these are gonna run you probably $80 to $100 but they last and they work great the folks should just do some research and see what kind of devices can all work together within a same app in order to get that benefit then correct and that work with their device as well so you know that information is is out there for each of these devices excellent let’s talk real quickly about some fitness trackers yep just because it seems like most many many people have these now these are both versions of a Fitbit if you want to talk about those yeah this one is the Fitbit Blaze this is the wearable watch that will take your heart rate it’ll track you GPS wise again to see your pace the steps you take elevation that you go up and down stairs that’s going to be more prominently displayed it’s a little bit larger whereas if you want to have something that’s a little bit more discreet or easier to use this one you hardly ever have to charge its battery so if that’s an issue where you know I don’t want to remember to have to charge my watch every couple days this one lasts yeah almost a year and you can clip it to anything your belt anything that you want in your purse even if you’re just tracking the distance that you move so these are very easy and again you can download this right into your website or an app and be able to track any of that through through either one of these so those are just some of the options excellent fitness trackers are there are so many of them that them out there now that it’s you really it is one of those things you want to do research on especially if you’re just wanting to track steps there’s no use paying $300 for a a band this one for example is this fitness blaze or Fitbit Blaze and this was about $300 I think but not everybody needs that do your research figure out what works for you yeah thank you guys I want to thank you so much for being here I learned a lot there’s just a lot of cool technology out there technology is truly starting to transform personal health and fitness if you’re interested in finding out how to use some of these devices to help with your own health and health care please talk with your doctor or simply go online and see what you can find that works for you that’s all the time we have for today we hope you’ll come back next week until then stay fit stay well and stay healthy for life with Healthy Living for Life have a great week Healthy Living for Life is brought to you by Mountain-Pacific Quality Health we’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions for future programs visit our website at or call us at 406 443 4020 you can also catch us on youtube by visiting our website and clicking on the youtube icon special thanks to fire tower coffee house and Roasters production facilities provided by video Express productions

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