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Health and Wellness Series Presented by Pfizer: Mac Marcoux

You don’t take care of your body it’s not gonna take care of you when you need it so it’s super important to you know get the amount of nutrition that you need in your daily life and sometimes it varies between like your on hill schedule and your off hill schedule up we’ve actually we’re teams working with the nutritionist for the summer just a you know really kind of pinpoint and how we can recover the best after each workout good night’s sleep is probably one of the best things you can get getting up in the morning feeling refreshed instead of getting up and kind of dragging your feet and kind of feeling like a zombie for most your day it’s a super important with us we deal a lot with the with the jetlag for the first parts of most trips we spend a lot of time on the road in the winter time and going from Europe to North America and everywhere in between all the different time changes are very they mess with the body a lot and trying to get that sleep sometimes is hard I think doing a variety of different activities you know especially for younger kids you know doing multiple sports I think is key for building just over athleticism finding something that you love to do and sticking to it and do it as much as you can if you’re not into sports whatever it is running or just find something physical or something that gets your heart pumping and do it

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