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Health and Wellness Fair

STUDENT INSTRUCTOR: “Six, seven, eight.” BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “From pumping iron.” STUDENT NURSE: “There we are.” BILL: “To blood pressure pumps.” MASSAGE THERAPIST: “Doing OK? BILL: “And from therapeutic massage…” ACUPUNCTURIST: “Are you feeling the needle? WOMAN: Yes. ACUPUNCTURIST: “Good.” BILL: “To acupuncture.” WELLNESS VENDOR: “It’s all natural. Aloe-based.” BILL: “Madison College’s Health and Wellness Fair…” STUDENT: “It’s pretty good.” BILL: “Is encouraging students…” (SPINNING WHEEL CLICKS) BILL: “To take good care of themselves.” DENISE HOLIN/MADISON COLLEGE STUDENT HEALTH EDUCATOR: “Academics is not just what we need to be looking at for students.

We need to look at them holistically and we need to look at them from a health and wellness perspective.” BILL: To learn more about student health and wellness at Madison College, visit or call (608) 246-6651. INSTRUCTOR: “And last one. Well done, good job.” BILL: “For Madison College Minute, I’m Bill Bessette.”.

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