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Health Coaching Tip: Sunlight Benefits for Energy Boost, Longevity and Pain Treatment

Now sunlight is immensely important for us and the idiots that have been out there have been you know having us put on dark shades what it does is it cuts off all of the beneficial rays are coming to the from the Sun now some of these rays have frequencies that literally tingle say the melatonin in the eye and what it does is it vibrates them and it allows all of these extra hormones and extra neuro peptides to be generated just from the sunlight and if we don’t have that sunlight that’s when we get sick that’s when we get really ill and and that’s one of the reasons why I’m here no way and so we’re going to look at the eight key health assets: you, your energy, the nutrition your exercise, your sunlight and grounding and thermogenesis so more on that …

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