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Patrick Brown’s Health and Wellness Journey

<natural sound: slicing potatoes> Keepin it healthy. <natural sound: sliced onions dropping into a pan> Like, back home, I didn’t do any type of cooking. We went to the store, we bought TV dinners, we heated them up in the microwave, and that was it. Sit on the couch all day, playing video games, that was it. I was the definition of a couch potato. Like this, would have never have crossed my mind. Getting my hands dirty, getting my hands filthy like this, to create something like this. <natural sound: cutting onions> Onions and butter, can’t go wrong. I was a big guy when I first came here. I’ve got pictures in the yearbook, of how I used to look, I used to be a large person. This shirt used to be small on me. This shirt used to be tiny on me. It could like barely fit me. It was all the way up here, it was stretched out, pretty sure my belly, I dropped … … almost ten pant sizes, …almost ten pant sizes.

<natural sound: scraping the pan> It’s just such a great feeling, to be healthy! To be like ‘I can do what I want to do.’ <natural sound: clapping> Family on three, one, two, three: FAMILY!!! <natural sound: whistle blows> MHS like, getting involved in sports, something I never would have thought of doing. Never, in a million years do sports. <natural sound: Ready, GO!> It was a stretch for me to do football. I didn’t want to do it. I really didn’t. But, I realized something had to change. No frozen beef patties here! Cooking is … FUN! <natural sound: burgers sizzling> BOOM! Aww man! That barbque sauce does WONDERS! <Set HIT!> <natural sound: linemen hitting> So I took a chance. I took a leap.

I was terrible! I was really bad at football. But, I love to play it! I got stronger. Ready GO! I got faster. I got fitter. I started shedding pounds. It’s even made me smarter because of it! What’s the symbol for angle in our trig so far? Theta. I grateful for getting the education that I might not have had where I came from. I’m thankful for getting up every morning. I’m thankful for the mindset this place has given me. I’m thankful for the weight loss this place has given me. I’m so thankful for this school.

I was content to live my whole life on the couch. But then, Milton Hershey School told me, ‘Get off the couch! Go do something else!’ It showed me ‘Who are you Patrick Brown?’ ‘Who are you?’ I showed me who I am. And I want to keep on finding out, who I am. <natural sound: students walking> When I get an email from somebody saying that, ‘we’re doing this and this, community service,’ like, I automatically think, ‘Can I make room in my schedule for that?’ Because it’s like, ‘What am I gonna learn?’ ‘Who am I gonna meet?’ ‘What am I gonna do?’ ‘What skills am I gonna take from it?’ And it’s just so exciting! And it’s all along that path of self-betterment. And the health, it’s just another stepping stone. That I just want to keep on getting stepping stones and stepping stones, until I reach someplace I can’t even see yet!.

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