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SALMON FISH SALAD RECIPE | Healthy Living & Wellness

Today I’m back again and I’ll show you one of my favorite recipes and that includes a salmon salad this salmon salad is a budget-friendly salad and it doesn’t cost lots of money it costs maybe a few euros less than 20 you have a very healthy meal for yourself the ingredients of this recipe are salmon which I have around here and this is it and it’s a biological salmon full of protein it’s really cut into small pieces and I’ll show you later how to prepare it and the second ingredient is going to use grapefruit which is full of vitamin C and we’re also going to use some pomgrante yeah pomgrante seeds really really healthy and they’re full of antioxidants yeah and I think they are also going to be using is rouchil some greenery salad we are going to know top it up with some greenery and so this is how it looks I hope you won’t be using all of it but we’ll be using some of it and last but not least we’ll be finishing it up with our dressing with a dressing from olive oil but this olive oil its flavoured with some lemons so lets start preparing first of all what I would like to start with is I would like to start by cutting my grape fruit which you’re going to squeeze and just one small spoon of olive oil you know just shake it up make sure it’s shaken up it looks very very beautiful on this plate yeah so once you buy your salmon it’s already cut into small pieces if they haven’t cut it for you just ask the people who sell it to give you the more you cut one this is biological salmon very healthy and if you separate this sound into small pieces it makes it easy for your guests to just pick a small piece and not to take the whole take the whole salmon off you know so you can be able to share it without problems separating it is not that easy but you get the heck of it because it is really really tasty so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to add some roucholi and those you have to wash your salad before you put it on mine is already washed so you just have to try to decorate it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel great sometimes you can also first put this salad under under the plate and then put its own in the middle but the disadvantage of that is that maybe you will have lots of this rouchili and it won’t maybe be very good if you already have too much of it so the next item I’m going to add on this salad is I’m going to put the promagrante ground and pomegranate is full of antique oxides and it will be it’s really recommended for health purposes so make sure that you use it accordingly try to add some of the salads just to make it look you know decorative and then more pomogrante which makes it different the last item we’re going to include is your prep juice from the grapefruit yeah mixed with your olive oils so going to go along the ridge what they say it’s old marinated now that you’ve finished decorating your salad plate with salmon and rouchilli and pomogrante and you have finished it off with your sauce it looks so tasty and appetizing but the mouth is running with saliva and I cannot wait to test it I know it would be so lovely I hope you can try this at home and I hope you enjoy including fish as part of your diet it’s full of protein and especially biological fish such as this salmon yeah and that was it I hope you enjoyed don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new here thanks for watching

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