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[ 다이어트 fitness & diet ] 다이어트를 위한 올바른 식사법 -자우 l 건강

Correct meal strike for diet Correct meal strike for diet Eat regularly If the meal is irregular and the fasting state becomes longer Our bodies are more than usual in preparation for the next It accumulates a lot of fat, so it’s easy to get fat. before meals potation Drink a cup of tea before meals Because it gives you a feeling of fullness They stop overeating. To consume a lot of water It also helps prevent constipation. Eat vegetables first Eat low-calorie first and eat quickly You can reduce the amount of food you feel I’ll eat the side dish first. Observation, especially eating low-calorie foods such as vegetable salads It can resolve hunger and reduce stock content.

I usually chew slowly about 2/3 of the food. I feel that I am turning 7414 blood to rise blood sugar I checked the extra blood glucose I made and found that I was hungry. You feel like you’re feeling like your appetite drops. So if you eat slowly, before you eat 100% of your usual intake We send a signal that additional boats are being called You can only eat clean bad buns In about 10 minutes I usually start to eat Sign your appetite to stop eating. It’s possible Met and large-scale Restore damage with chopsticks Keep holding the chopsticks. Nature has got food xv and more food than planned It’s because we have concerns. 7 Eat only during meals Preparing meals Do something else, such as watching TV or touching a cell phone. If you do it, you will not be satisfied Feel I do not know how much I eat, so I eat more than I thought. do After the meal, Especially da If you eat your parents’ nose again, it will be annoying to have to brush your teeth again. If you do not eat, you will not have the taste of gold It makes the idea of ​​eating disappear b Boko dinner as little as possible The screen is full of digestion of the laryngoscope Because it can not be done, it gives us the burden, The calories you eat are often stored in fat.

Therefore, the saccharide is killed by half air, Protein and herbs and vegetables It is recommended to eat mainly da cf 5 Do not eat food after seven o’clock da In the evening, the metabolism is not active enough momentum The age of stopping is getting bigger. It’s easy to flesh out 961119 Eat food information memory How much did you eat? If you are dreaming about eating, To figure out the calories. It’s five meters. Files are only moderate Weakness returns And I think it’s a low-calorie food.

I have. However, in an accident aircraft, about half the estimated You have Also in the wine Number of other Increase blood strength You can make it easy to boil Therefore, After about half a day, It is better to play in the drunken However, Because it’s calorie-filled, it’s rich in vitamins and fiber. Herbs in the play It is recommended that you take it from your body to your back whenever you eat..

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