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Why Is Gut Health Important? – Health and Wellness

Why is gut health important? In fact so important that the father of Medicine Hippocrates said that all diseases begin in the gut. Let’s take a look. Hey I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you like to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything. So why is gut health so important well let’s take a look you’ve probably heard the saying you are what you eat and in fact everything that you consist of you ate at some point however there is even more to it than that so you are what you eat – what doesn’t get absorbed so just because you put it into your mouth doesn’t mean that it’s part of your body because the mouth starts your digestive tract which is just a tube with an opening at the other end so if you eat a marble it’s gonna come out the other end and you probably have seen at some point that there may have been a little bit of corn floating in the commode or maybe some of your poop has been floating well what that means is that you had an incomplete breakdown of that food you ate something but your body didn’t use it so the corn went straight through and if it’s floating that means that you didn’t digest the fat properly so essential fatty acids are a big deal we need essential fats to build brain and hormones etc but if we don’t absorb it it doesn’t matter how much we eat okay so you are what you eat but you also need to have a proper digestion so you can break the food down completely and you are what you eat – what doesn’t get absorbed but also you are what you eat plus the toxins made by your opportunistic bacteria so you have a gut floor and you have as many bacteria living in your gut as you do cells in your body there is a whole little world of life there’s a whole little warzone going on down there if you will and if you feed the good guys they’re gonna win but if you feed the bad guys then the bad guys are gonna take over and toxins are generated pathogenic bacteria make toxins and they get released in your gut and they’re usually very volatile and easily absorb so they get straight into the bloodstream and they start circulating and they get to every body part including your brain if you have irritable bowel syndrome then chances are you also have irritable brain syndrome okay so a lot of how we feel and how the body functions is a reflection of how that gut is working they have gone so far as to say they’ve evaluated different combinations of bacteria so if you have a poor balance if you have an unbalanced gut that’s called dysbiosis and they’ve gone so far as to measure the mix of bacteria and be able to predict which disease you’re gonna get so the gut flora you really can’t be any healthier than whatever flora whatever life form whatever health balance you have down in your gut if you have dysbiosis then chances are that you’re going to develop leaky gut and leaky gut leads to allergies and inflammation and even autoimmune diseases now the symptoms I’m not even gonna bother to list them because every symptom you can think of is on that list so it’s not just indigestion and heartburn and bloating and constipation and diarrhea and brain fog it is literally everything everything that you can think of is a symptom on the list that results from a unbalanced or poorly functioning god so Hippocrates was not exaggerating when he said all diseases begin in the gut even if there are other variables are the components virtually all diseases have a component of gut function with it and the way that we deal with it today is rather sad because we take antacids because we believe that the body mistakenly makes too much stomach acid no it doesn’t most of the time it doesn’t make enough if we had enough stomach acid we would break down the food quickly it wouldn’t sit around and rot and ferment and give us symptoms of heartburn so when we deal when we treat symptoms instead of treating the causes then we always make things worse so if you take an antacids to kill off the little bit of stomach acid that you had left now you break down even less food so you have even more unabsorbed food you get even more nutritional deficiencies you get even more dysbiosis and on and on and on we take antibiotics that kill off the gut flora we eat processed food that feed the opportunistic bacteria we make GMOs that potentially can combine their genes with the bacteria in your gut so now you have a bunch of new life forms that the planet has never seen before so we want to start understanding that the things that we have done in the last two generations have set us up for all of this so even though Hippocrates observed this thousands of years ago I doubt that he could have predicted the incredible mess that we have ended up with today so gut elf is incredibly important and we’re gonna make a lot more videos on this topic so stay tuned and we’re gonna keep updating you and touching on different topics different aspects of this topic in the weeks and months to come \

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