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WCS Health and Wellness Kick-Off

Our teachers and staff members spend so much of their time serving our students and today was a chance to just create a space for them. You’re responsible for your fitness so you have to make your decisions and take ownership for what you’re doing in your day. Special guest was David Good the strength and conditioning coach for the Nashville Predators. Their schedules are just jam-packed with taking care of the students and preparing for classes so I’m just here to give him some hints on how to be a little bit healthier a little bit more active during the day. David was here to offer his expertise and he works with professional athletes and and tries to get them in tip-top shape for their season and so he was here to give us some tips.

We’re gonna talk about things like easy nutritional decisions to make when you’re short on time, how to be more active when you’re short on time so you can see that’s kind of the driving factors the time limitations they all have and then after we take a little break we’re gonna do very low intensity group workout but it’s gonna be a bit of an example of what they can do on their own in just a few minutes without any equipment and try to achieve some of the the goals and the bullet points that we answered in the first part. He gave us a quick six exercise circuit that employees can take home some of the footwear’s a little bit questionable.

We also had an additional special guest show up at the end the superstar mascot GNASH. I think this is fantastic you know the more that we can reach out to the the area and the schools and and just the community and keep the community as active as possible that’s obviously my role. One, two, three.. Go Preds! .

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