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Group Fitness at YMCA NSW

I love that they can push us and they not only participate in the workouts as we do them but they just genuinely enjoy what they do and they’re interested in you as a person not just as a number. I think sometimes just mentally getting over the hurdle of coming is the hardest part. After all the exercise everyone goes for a cup of coffee and there’s about 70 of us and we all get together. It’s like a little organisation. Weights, treadmills, bikes, boxing we found that hard but that after a period of time we got used to that and when you got used to that it becomes second nature to you. You know, no good sitting on the lounge. Whether it’s an injury or a disability or whether it’s just something that’s being useful to someone else, we can cater for everybody. You’re feeling the pain in the legs you’re feeling the exhaustion from the run but so is everybody else, so it’s just having that camaraderie I guess of everybody feeling the same. But it’s high fives at the end of the class. Again the community here are very welcoming. Anyone that’s new to the class they’ll show them how to use the equipment they’ll show them you know how to do the different things so whether it’s an instructor or other people on the path they’re very welcoming.

Definitely just get into it. Like it’s a bit daunting at first but once you get to know people, everyone is really friendly and they really want to see you succeed as much as they are. .

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