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Fitness Gurus Are LYING To You!

So I’ve been in the fitness industry whole topic game for a long long time okay I mean I’ve only been on YouTube for well I think it’s nearly 2 years now um but I’ve been a consumer of the fitness industry on YouTube especially but just on the Internet in general I’ve been interested in the stuff since I was like 15 years old so eight years ago right a long long time and over the years I’ve learnt a few things right and the most important thing I’ve learned I’ve noticed I guess is that there’s a lot of crap out there and I feel bad for people especially who are new to it or even people who are intermediate and have some knowledge of our nutrition and fitness this is so much conflicting information out there and this is sort of a reminder to all of you and the reminder is to keep things simple keeping things simple do workout programs your diet that is the most important thing if you keep it simple if you keep it easy to follow and you’re consistent with it that’s what’s gonna give you the results right it’s it’s not eating some special food it’s not doing some special exercise that’s gonna magically increase the results you get with your body and your fat loss and getting rips overnight but there are no shortcuts all that works of basic principles like progressive overload at the gym getting stronger like a caloric deficit that’s following these basics principles basic rules and doing so in a flexible way that allows you to still have a social life that allows you to still eat a bit of unhealthy food like ice cream that allows you to do 80% of what you have to and get most of the results instead of being perfect instead of trying to be obsessive about what you put into your body in the workouts that you do keep things simple because when something simple the chances of you adhering to it and saying consistent to it overwhelmingly higher than doing some revolutionary advanced specific new and workout program that takes hours and hours and hours a day to monitor you know just keep things simple that’s just a quick reminder I wanted to give to you guys just because that’s something that confused me when I started out right I was trying to find the best way to do something the optimal way to do something I was trying didn’t be perfect in and and do everything extremely correctly no you just need a follow the basic principles that work and just adhere to them consistently and over time you will get the results you want it’s just a matter of doing the right things and being patient so that’s just my quick Rawlinson message to you guys I hope that helps I hope that gives you a kick in the arse and reminds you what to focus on alright until next time peace out very exciting news before you click out don’t click on I know you’re about to click out even now I know you’re about to click out don’t do it don’t do it I have a program coming out called ripped dude what is it about it’s gonna help – to get ripped obviously duh so that’s what I’m really excited about a book it’s my ass off on it

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