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ABS Fitness with Anastasia Bezzubova Moscow

Hi Fashion One! My name is Anastasia. We are at Come On Gym Now I’m going to show you the key exercises for your abs For a flat stomach We start with the basic exercise, Crunch. It’s important for this exercise to keep the torso low. And to do the crunches while breathing out It’s also important to feel your abs muscles If you don’t feel it, it means you don’t do it the right way. This routine is good because You can do it both at the gym and at home During this exercise it’s important to work only with your abs Don’t stretch with your arms or legs Do the bends just using your abs muscles Fingers to heels This is a perfect exercise for those who don’t want the sixpack But a fit flat stomach In the third exercise we start to work with lower abs and legs We put arms behind the head Elbows look to the sides Lift up the torso An elbow to an opposite leg Lay on the back Arms with the weight are up Lift the torso and the arms up Stretching the abs You work and stretch your abs at the same time After every routine it’s important to stretch The next two exercises are great for it Lift up the pelvis stretching the abs muscles In the second exercise lift up the chest Bend the back stretching upper abs After the routine you stretch your muscles So it tones better Do these exercises every day And you will have a fit flat stomach You can do it!

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