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Stay fit, cool with aquatic fitness classes

Hey welcome back you heard Ron talking about how hot it’s going to get later this week well one great way to beat the heat is the head indoors for water fitness class we are joining Kelly McNutt at Tualatin Hills Park and Rec district to learn more about their water aerobics program Kelly thank you tell us about some of the different kinds of classes you guys offer well the twelve tubules Parks and Recreation District offers many different kinds of water aerobic classes we have a water aerobics ranging from easy-to-find levels one two and three our level one classes are really for stretching and balance working on range of motion our level two classes again stretching a range of motion but some endurance is expected in those classes and then our level three classes are working on gaining more endurance but some endurance is required to do them they are a little harder but we also offer some therapeutic classes Harmon swim Center offers of our program called healing waters where participants come in and they can work on anything any ailments that they have ranging from recovering from a stroke to hip replacements or it just feels good and they just want to come into the pool and relax and talk with instructors but we also offer specialty classes Beaverton Swim Center offers aqua Zumba classes the Aquatic Center offers stand-up paddleboard yoga and aloha swim Center offers prenatal classes so there is a wide range of classes we have shallow water and deep water aerobics yeah it’s fantastic Kelly tell us about the benefits of doing exercise in the water because I do think it’s a little easier on the joints right absolutely so the any time you’re in the water it’s going to take the pressure off the spine and off your joints you’re able to do things in the water that you cannot do on land so you’re able to get really good range of motion work but you can also get really good muscle workout and I think a lot of people might not understand that that they can actually use the resistance of the water for their large muscle group workouts and it’s really effective you get really good cardio workouts without the strain and the pounding that you get on cement also just it’s a positive endorphin boosting experience just to come into the water and exercise just getting here so it’s a it’s a very positive atmosphere and working out with others that have the same goals in mind yeah it’s fantastic so Kelly give us kind of the lowdown where do we find out about classes how much did they cost you have to have like a membership or something to take part in this well what’s awesome about Tualatin Hills is that yes we are a taxpayer driven Park District but we allow for our outside residents to also come in and participate so we have drop-in fees so if anybody wants to come and drop in and try it out for a day you can drop in one time you can buy passes as well all of the fees are on our website at a THP Rd org and you can even buy your passes online you can also come in to any of our centers and buy passes as well Kelly that’s so great what a great service for people and it looks like something pretty much everyone can take part in at some levels so we do appreciate it thank you that is Kelly McNutt at 12 hood meals park and rec talking about those fantastic water aerobic classes

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