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Fitness Friday: Detroit Fit at the Lexus Velodrome

We’re back at Detroit fit inside of a lexus velodrome right near the Detroit Medical Center in Eastern Market on i-75 Nakia teaches all of the fitness classes tell us all the classes on what’s when we’re going to try the set so we offer a mat Pilates total body conditioning cardio kickboxing but right now we’re gonna take it to the wonderful country of Brazil for our dance fusion okay now I’m a beginner so don’t laugh it basically start out with a pony oh this is fast hip take the feet out take it down there you go side add a little hip hip hip hip hip take it up okay we are now right back yes father Canfield in my life if you want to give one of nakiya’s classes a try she has several of them they’re all total body workouts and a ton of fun and they’re only two dollars a class search Fitness Friday at

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