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Fitness of Togo by Coach Eddy

I was really lucky to have my place close to this gym here. I was really surprised how good that gym is and i am really amazed. People come here to do courses, there is a good air circulation in the gym and the staff takes care of you Of course its not as fancy as we are used to in Europe and you cannot find the newest Hammer Strength equipment for example. But it is enough and i think you don’t need more. Until now there is no real trend of bodybuilding here But people react very surprised and amazed when they see a bodybuilder and they get very curious about it Bodybuilding is not yet a thing here.

People like to play football Maybe some people like to have an athletic body, but there is nobody seeing that professional The people of Togo live under hard conditions. And they are happy if they are healthy and feeling ok. The people are not paying that much attention to a healthy or fit body. What surprises me is, when you go to a local market There is meat and fish lying on this heat. I think Europeans would be scared to eat it . But i think people tend to care slowly about healthy food. There is also a little trend where you can see people going to zumba courses or other courses to loose weight So i think people are slowly getting aware that you can look better if you go to the gym and that working out is good for your health. I think that every human on this earth is looking to be fit & healthy But a lot of people don’t have those opportunities like we have in Europe.

Almost all people here are so busy with just surviving So the last thing you can think of are biceps curls or if you need any supplements. So i think the peoples biggest motivation is to be healthy and to fight their way through everyday life There are also no couch potatoes here. People go out, play football or do other sports to have fun. Nobody is sitting at home and playing playstation or it least its very rare. They walk long distances to their schools, spend a lot of time outside so they are constantly moving. There is not that demand for many people to loose weight for example And i think the rate of overweight people here is very very low. I noticed that the people of Togo like to snack a lot You can notice it because there are so many locations where you can grab a little snack Like grilled bananas Grilled corn or a togolese malt beer I also enjoy all those snacks and especially the malt beer which i tried first when i arrived here As there are not so many single households here, the families cook together and prepare big meals for dinner And dinner is not only about eating, it is more about socializing what i really enjoyed.

Ok now i will give you a tutorial how to eat Fufu Fufu is made of mashed yams and you can eat it cold or lukewarm and its just delicious. It tastes rather neutral, but the dip makes it special. So you just pluck a little bit of the fufu with your hands, dip it and enjoy it Togolese people use a lot of herbs, nuts and some strange leaves that they use in their traditional food.

Since many years we use them to make derivatives out of it, like palm oil for example. I think the traditional togolese food is very healthy and nutricious. Thats why i think that togolese people dont suffer from the same problems like we do in Europe regarding unhealthy food. So the main driver for people to hit the gym is not to loose weight Or to compensate the office job life Til now the people who i met, they go to the gym to look more aesthetic, to build some chest muscles and biceps for example

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