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Don’t ever lose your connection to Fitness…. says the Cycling Salesman

When there is a traffic jam the next thing I know I hoist my cycle above my shoulders I walk to the front of the traffic jam And start cycling from there on again in a day I must have done easily about 100 to 110 kilometres that for me a year ago when I bought my cycle if I would do 25 kilometres in a day, it was a big thing but now one 100 / 125 kilometres is just normal In this episode, I am having a very interesting conversation with Anil Malgikar who likes to call himself the cycling salesperson he’s passionate about fitness that he literally leads his work life with his cycling gear on he is the international sales in charge for Moolya Software Testing and has a gruelling work schedule but that does not stop him from living his dream lifestyle let’s listen to what this amazing guy has to say about his passion and his love to always stay ahead of his game over to Anil Malgikar Mr Anil Malgikar This cycle Whose cycle is this? it’s Anil sir’s Oh is it Anil sir’s? He takes the cycle to all his meeting? yes Nice interesting Hi Satish, how are you doing? fine All well? Yeah all well What is this? In office? This is the dress? Yeah this is my attire everywhere Oh this is not a dress code huh? I am on a cycle, this is my cycling dress code wow Very interesting Very happy to introduce Anil Malgikar the International Sales Director of Moolya Software Testing also known as the cycling salesman yeah, that’s me good, very interesting so when I started this conversation with you I was wanting to tell you that Why don’t you come up in a cycling gear? But I was pleasantly surprised to see you walk down in that gear And you said that’s your normal dress code huh, for you so there was a time where I was a little conscious that, wherever I go and I’m actually going and meeting customers and I should be having a pair of formals with me but then over a period of time of after a few months I started realizing that these guys are actually accepting me the way I am the way I come dressed, because it’s genuine and that becomes a big conversation starter for me wherever I go saying, oh so you came cycling? Which cycle do you use? and I’m really glad to know that there are a few cyclists there who really appreciate it yeah and, yeah after the while I realized that it’s completely acceptable and that’s the way I have been very interesting, very very interesting so Anil tell me, how did this journey begin for you? interestingly it began for me when I was just ten years old and you know there was a karate school or karate classes that started in my school days after my school timing so I went and enrolled in that and that I believe gave me the kind of discipline the martial arts gives you that kind of discipline to actually stick to a regimen and that kind of brought out the fire and me I realized that I had a warrior within so while everyone would, when our Sensei would say ten push-ups for me it was about being the best over there and I would give myself, 20 push-ups or 25 push-ups till I would just fall dead so, when everyone would do 30 ab crunches I would go and try and do hundred So, that’s where I realized that it was always about you know, me pushing my boundaries after that it has kind of continued in whatever I did in my life even today when I have 100 kgs on my back when I’m doing squats and I look at myself in my eyes in the mirror and I say, are you afraid? and I say, no goddamnit, let’s do 20 reps that’s what I’m talking about so the journey, now more than the journey I would say this is the foundation to everything that to my lifestyle today okay, so for you I don’t even feel like asking you a question that as head of sales for Moolya you balancing your fitness and your daily activities in terms of your professional life I don’t think there’s a balance There’s something like you’re doing something which is like you know like I’m trying to get the best of both worlds yeah, how do you do that? yeah see, your passion is really not your passion unless you’re indulging in it involving in it on a daily basis you actually are trying to make time for it and I believe that in your passion you need to be progressive you cannot be what you were yesterday or what you were about few years ago and that’s how I have actually looked at fitness in terms of what are the basics, other scientific principles that I can bring to my training what are the things that I can include, and you know, not eat in my diet? so, it’s always about progress it’s always about challenging what you were doing last month last week or even yesterday to being a better person as long as it’s my professional life I have to tell you that it’s not easy because I’m the only sales guy and I have meetings lined up every week there are times where I’m traveling I’m traveling within Bangalore I’m traveling within India, I’m traveling outside India So, that gets a little difficult However, I have always tried to, no matter what kind of still go and get an hour of workout wherever I am so, for example I was in Mumbai about two three years ago and over there I stayed in this hotel and I went to this gym right and I paid the daily fees for my workout but I started talking to trainers they started asking me so many questions about diet and workout and stuff like that that we became such good friends that now when I go to Mumbai I stay in that particular area and I have an open invitation from these guys to that gym and the same with whether I go to Chennai or Pune or Delhi or recently I was in Luxembourg and over there I the first thing I did when I reached there was gyms around the place so I realized that there is a community centre which has a 50-meter lap Olympic sized pool and a gym and there is also another fitness chain of gyms running so, even if my meetings would start at 10 a.m.

And have dinner meetings but I would still wake up early in the morning get that one / one and half hours of fitness and that’s the way I charge myself that’s the way I look forward to taking the day on and it puts me in a completely different positive frame of mind so Anil, what are you saying is that you never take out a car or bike or anything to go on a sales call? you just go on your bicycle yeah, basically yes, that’s what it is so how did this process of you getting into cycling on work and cycling on sales calls happen to you yeah very interesting right sometimes this is called improvisation cycling is an improvisation for Bangalore traffic if you ask me So, about a year ago I got my car out from my house and there was a jam which was so terrible that, I was stuck in the same spot for 40 minutes at that time, it was just so highly frustrating because I am a high-energy individual and for me to just be stuck in the same spot kind of annoys me so I saw the next diversion I didn’t go forward, I cancelled the meeting I took a U-turn and headed straight for a cycle store and I bought a cycle and suddenly I realized that, cycling is liberation trust me in Bangalore traffic when there is a traffic jam the next thing I know I host my cycle above my shoulders I walk to the front of the traffic jam and start cycling from there on again wow so, my entire motto of cycling is my body should always be in motion I must be doing something if I am not cycling on the road then I am pushing my cycle on the sidewalk but whatever it is, I should never stop in motion, and you know, that’s how it began and I’ll tell you something else right there were times where I would actually come back from office and really frustrated, flustered, sitting in the traffic jam for such a long time and I had to actually have a bath, refresh myself and then go to the gym yes but now it’s all just one seamless activity so, here I go cycling and that itself has got my blood all warmed up I’m a kind of all sweaty all I need to do is pack my gym bag, go to the gym so the gym becomes an extension of my cycling and that itself is a complete power workout Wow that’s very good so, doesn’t it affect you? this pollution on the roads and you cycling on the roads does it affect you or it has never affected me, in fact it’s the other way round you know so people have, even I used to be quite skeptical when I got the cycle saying oh damn, this is it now I’m gonna get some sort of respiratory diseases and stuff like that but it’s just not true and what I realized is that in Bangalore there are certain pockets where there is high traffic density which in fact causes the air, air to be polluted there and that’s how Bangalore is because you do have a lot of open and clean stretches now just think about it right right if you are in your office bus without AC on or if you are in a bike you are stuck in a traffic jam for the entire commute of yours which is like about what should take me, ten kilometres is in peak traffic hours you are looking at least an hour an hour and a half right for me ten kilometres is not more than 25 minutes and like I said if you know silk board the Great Divide so, Silk board usually in my car used to take me at least 30 minutes to clear in peak traffic times sometimes i’ve cleared it in 45 minutes just getting past the signal today I clear silk board in about five minutes eight minutes max so I never stay in a highly polluted place for longer than a few minutes and I immediately move on and the entire duration of the journey itself has come down my average cycling speed is about 20 to 25 km/h so any distances of 20 kilometres is done in less than an hour fantastic it’s a totally different perspective and take on pollution yes very nice very good so Anil, how does your typical day look like I try and get at least an hour an hour and a half hours of work out every day so I aim to go to the gym seven days a week because I know invariably I am going to be I’m not going to be able to go to the gym for let’s say a day or two so I want to ensure that I go for at least five days therefore, my aim is to go for all seven days and whenever two days take a hit that’s included in the plan let’s say typically I’d like to start my day a little early so I get my work out of an hour between say a.m.

To or a.m. to 8 a.m. and stuff like that because usually my meeting start somewhere around / 11ish everywhere so for this I have to plan ahead and I leave pretty much, you know my expected time of arrival doesn’t vary for more than five minutes because the traffic doesn’t affect me but I’ll give you a typical day last week that happened I live in HSR Layout, I had a meeting in Sarjapur Road I finished that, I went for my next meeting; and I took inside the city route to hit Manyata tech park and that was via Hebbal I came back to UB City for another meeting from UB city I came to Basavangudi here in office and from there I kind of closed the day with an evening meeting with another customer in HSR so in a day I must have done easily about 100 to 110 kilometres and that for me a year ago when I bought my cycle if I would do 25 kilometres in a day it was a big thing but now 100 125 kilometres is just normal wow, terrific, that’s very very inspiring very nice thanks so Anil, looking at you one gets a sense that you’ve always been having a perfect physique and perfect journey as far as the health and fitness is concerned so how has it been? that is probably far from truth because every athlete, when he’s serious about what he is doing and making gains has to keep pushing himself beyond his mental and physical barriers because, if not, you never know your potential any competitive athlete today always feels that he’s probably there is a little more that he can push and get himself out in order to peak his performance and the same happened with me as well so I took up martial arts at an amateur fighting level and injured, I actually broke my toe I had a shoulder dislocation, I had told my left bicep tendon and all this when I went under the you know the MRI scan the doctor said, oh thats it this scar tissue has formed here and this cannot be healed and I think you should stop you know lifting weights in your life and I was very depressed when I heard that, so after about two months when this depression really hit me imagine a guy like me who is doing all these things all such physical activities and at the top of his you know, athletic performance is suddenly told that, has these injuries and said that you know this is it, this is it for you and that plays on your mind yeah and as a result what happened was after two months of just no activity at all I was kind of depressed and I called up my friend and this friend of mine is also someone on my lines and he has that same warrior within and the fire in his eyes and he said Anil, I’ll tell you something about people like us we have fitness running in our blood trust me that the day you feel that you’re healed and you may not even have healed but the day you feel you’ve healed the next day you’ll be hitting the gym with a vengeance I was in my friend’s place over for dinner and I noticed a pair of 10kg dumbbells and my love for it that I just ran towards it and I started lifting I did 10 reps, I did 20 reps, I did 30 reps and I still didn’t get any pain and I said Wow okay, looks like I may have healed and the next day I was in the gym and I didn’t look back after that I’ve had several injuries, even now actually I’m nursing a rear deltoid strain but my attitude towards injuries itself has changed because if you look at your life, from here on till you die I mean you may have another 30 / 40 / 50 years to live who knows right so if you look at that many years and you just have to take a break for say six months to allow your body to heal hey that’s not a big deal right so you can actually you have to be intelligent about injuries, you have to see how best you can manage them and what exercises to do, not do, based on your genetic structure or the past injuries that you’ve had but you need to work around them and once you do that I believe that you can I have actually written a blog on it where, injuries are not the end all you can actually work around it and still remain fit very good very interesting so Anil, what’s your take on general public and people who are working professionals who decide to take their health and fitness a little more seriously can they get into a regime or routine which might be as disciplined as you and get the kind of results that you are getting so this is a very interesting question right, because in today’s life I don’t believe that you are really that busy that you can’t make 45 minutes time for your fitness you see there are CEOs like a CEO of TCS the chairman N Chandra used to run marathons I know there are so many CEOs today who actually run marathons and marathon training takes at least an hour and a half of yours every day so if CEOs can find time and I believe that everybody else all the other guys also can find time yeah I understand that there are a lot of work pressures and people who have a lot of burning desire to actually go and devote some time to fitness are not able to hence I say just pick up a cycle and go to work that’s the best thing you can do if you’re into running 10 kilometres then run ten kilometres if that also suits you but do something try and take that first step so a fitness always starts with the first step what really happens I’ll tell you, is that people lose connection with fitness so they say that, oh today I am playing badminton I had time to play badminton over the weekends I play cricket, I play football, but soon that stops coming on weekends, some other plans take over Weekday, some other plans take over and emotionally they lose the connection to fitness and so I’m saying to everyone here whoever’s listening saying please don’t lose the connection to fitness do something in your everyday life, it could be something as simple as just walking from your house to your office if your office is far, just buy a cycle and cycle to office otherwise while you’re working if let’s say none of these are possible then in between meetings just start some high intensity bodyweight exercises that you can do for half an hour in your own office cubicle but whatever you do don’t lose the connection to Fitness because once it’s lost I’ll tell you what happens once it is lost then a lot of other habits tend to creep in there are always you know bad eating habits there are office parties, there are friend’s parties there is a little bit of you know consumption of alcohol in these parties and as a result of which what you see in the mirror starts to demotivate you so I’m saying don’t lose that connection keep doing it so that it’s a continuous effort and it has to be done you know step by step every building did not suddenly come up overnight it had to be built brick by brick and that’s how you have to look at it very interesting perspective Anil so I hear that you’re also interested and you’re also actively mentoring people on health and wellness yes, I am and I know Anil for you it’s very important that people when they come and talk to you that they can have perspective about what does it that they’re looking for from their fitness what is the purpose of them doing it? so how do you help people get a clarity on that? when people come to me they come with a lot of preconceived notions right yeah there are some of these people who say; hey I don’t want to lift weights because I’m gonna get bulky you’re not on steroids to suddenly go from where you are to what you see as images of bodybuilders and your diet and your lifestyle will probably get you to being just about fed and it’s not that you’re immediately you start lifting weights and you boom muscles pop out from everywhere that’s not gonna happen some people say, okay my Fitness is all about just walking in the morning right, but don’t and then there are others who say that, for me Fitness is only about swimming so there are these there are people who come with all sorts of different preconceived notions and the best way is that I first take them through an unlearning session and educational session where I tell them about the different parameters of fitness and how is it that their fitness goals have to be measured of each and every one of these parameters there are five parameters to fitness so once they start seeing the results to all parameters of fitness that’s when they actually see themselves transforming and this transformation is something which is not something esoteric and in the air it’s something which is right there as a reflection of yours in the mirror and that becomes the motivation for them to hit it harder to get more committed to it not only that, their colleagues at office their friends their family members, everyone starts complimenting them because nobody had believed it the first thing you need to do is as a fitness coach, advisor, mentor I need to put that belief in people that it can be done once the belief is there then the power of the subconscious thought is so incredible that the belief actually pushes them towards it and makes them realize a few certain goals that I have placed for them to achieve once the goals start getting achieved month on month week on week they see that progress and that’s what is extremely inspirational for them and it’s a complete lifestyle change for them right and before you know there are those who kind of drop off because they feel it’s not for them but those who stick on life opens out a completely revolutionary layer for them in the domain of fitness very very interesting very good so Anil, how about the colleagues in office are they inspired looking at you walking talking, cyclist, salesmen in the office well, the only way to find out is by talking to them you want to talk to them? Oh that will be interesting come Let’s go Sure Come Satish there we have Samvith hey, hi Samvith Samvith meet Satish Satish meet Samvith hi Satish has a few interesting questions for you which you may want to have a perspective on and express about it so Samvith yeah, so how has your interactions and working closely with Anil helped you into the frame of mind of fitness it’s been very inspiring actually when I was in my engineering I did work out a little and I was always sceptical about whether I would be able to maintain this regime as I go into a professional career and I think looking at him it’s made me believe that it’s possible and it’s also given me the hope that I can achieve that level of fitness someday yes very nice, interesting all the best to you thank you so Prafulla how has Anil inspired you so Anil has been quite an inspiration talking about gym and all these things I was never into the fitness frame I was more into you know the person who is eating foodie and stuff like that so today I’m like going to the gym and working out like in the morning sessions evening is too tough so now I go at least to gym and workout so that’s how Anil has inspired me so you were talking about some interesting journey about some lift or something related to that so it was like, we had gone to one of our client locations where Anil spoke to me, like we were together that was the time where I spent time with Anil, like at least three days so that’s when he started talking about his everyday routines and he used to arrange his table as soon as he comes in with all his dates and milk shakes protein shakes or whatever he calls it to me so that’s when I saw and something inside me said you can do it so that’s where that’s the lift journey where he started talking about every day in the lift we used to go upstairs and come down that’s when he used to talk and when we used to go into the cafeteria he used to think of every spoon that he puts into his plate so every calorie this this so it was quite an inspiration thing all the very best to you Prafulla do well thank you any closing remarks from you Anil well I would say that you know in our generation the next generation that’s coming up which is engineering pass outs and you see in our office here the average age is like 25 and we work with a lot of young blood so when I look at them and I say that this generation has to be more Fitness conscious this is the generation that has to make time to know about work-life balance and be more inspired to do much more than what they actually want from life and in order to do that one of the best ways is to get into that positive frame of mind and nothing else helps positivity as much as daily dose of a great workout absolutely very good makes a lot of sense yes thank you Anil thank you so much for interviewing me as well for more information perspectives and interesting interviews on the topic of health and wellness please subscribe to

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