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Bikini Competitor Embraces Stretch Marks After Twins | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

I think like any mom I struggled with body image issues after giving birth you don’t come out of the hospital looking the same as you did before baby it just doesn’t happen my last bump photo was just very viral it was so big from the twins that it sag over my belly and so some people had some amazing comments like oh hell naw this is the saggy ass belly I’ve ever seen why would you post this disgusting pic of yourself and think that others are impressed yikes we’re trying to forget that we saw this it’s not sexy to have these scars hanging out there is nothing sexy about stretch marks my opinion has changed about beauty since being pregnant before I had my babies I was actually a bikini competitor so I had a pretty nice physique I was shocked when I heard I was having twins and the day of my induction I was 38 weeks and after laboring for almost 24 hours I ended up receiving an emergency c-section I was honestly the most scared I’ve ever been in my entire life my babies came out healthy and happy and I just couldn’t be happier about that I was honestly scared to look at the scars at first I tried to keep the bandages on as long as possible and when I first came out of the hospital my belly still looked almost 6 months pregnant it was very intimidating for me she had a lot of stretch marks on her stomach and her abs like physically like split and she had the scar from the c-section it’s totally worth it because we got two awesome healthy baby boys from it I think the lowest point for me confidence wise was a few months down the road when I’m still seeing the separation of my ABS the scars are still there the stretch marks are still there and knowing and having to accept that that’s just going to be my new reality it’s very difficult to as a fitness professional come back post pregnancy and there’s a lot of expectation for people to see you bounce back right away when I’m working out I see a lot of just like the skin like flapping over so that’s really difficult to deal with as far as the stretch marks I mean that’s completely different I never thought of myself being somebody who even had stretch marks after a certain point in time she just became more open with it and started to post on my social media about it and I think that she got a lot of positive feedback from people and I think that encouraged her to do it more and I think that really has encouraged her to be more positive about it to others and with herself one day just let it all hang out and this was the first time that I really showed off the reality of what motherhood is and what it really looks like putting yourself out there on social media is very very scary every time I push post I have this rush of emotions is everybody going to hate me everyone struggles with something so in my scars are nothing compared to the scars of people who have really suffered it’s impossible to look at my three sons and not feel proud that I was able to carry them to full term that is what I have to carry in my mind every time I look down and I see the scars and I see the stretch marks that scar was able to give life so its beauty to me you

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