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Wellness Wednesday: Drumba Fitness

okay wellness Wednesday once again Sonia’s on back with us she’s got an interesting exercise a very interesting one easy enough for anyone to do it’s called drum ba it’s drumming on exercise balls and it’s one of the most adaptable exercises available if your dreams of becoming a big league rocker like Ringo Starr or Dave Grohl didn’t really work out why not try drum roll please drum ba if you’ve never been to any sort of dance party that’s kind of what this is drum ba is a full-body drumming workout we provide two types of sticks weighted sticks and just regular kind of drum sticks you can stand or sit to stabilize and activate your core muscles and of course you’re building upper-body strength we work on shoulder movement and shoulder strength and of course you’re going to get bicep and tricep even the forearms wrists and the hands and bonus if you like to shake groove or boogie it just revs up my energy level you’ll work in some sweaty cardio and burn more calories at Denton Senior Center Kimberly Carl had no idea what she was getting into I thought that’s an unusual thing to do I’d like to go up and try it it was so fun and so exciting and and so many people were up here doing it that I thought I really want to continue this the more you keep coming the more familiar these routines become you get my age you have all sorts of different ailments and things and take all different kind of medications and things and I’m hoping this whole help it’s a jolt even for lifelong athletes like 70 year old Dora Ferraro in high school I ran track when a bunch of metals played softball too I bowled since I was 16 years old and I’ve always gone to the gym staying mobile and still finding ways to sneak in a little fun I love it I love anything that just keeps me pumped up gotta stay pumped up y’all okay so here’s the deal you can modify so like for instance if you had a shoulder surgery and you didn’t want to use the right arm or right shoulder you could just use one arm okay mom and by the way this isn’t just in Denton we shot the story in Denton but this is all over North Texas so find one we’ll we’ll put this on Facebook and our website for you as well

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