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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I will be talking to you about my fitness journey and the stages my body has gone through over the years so please give up one team I was never an athletic child I was more of a skinny girl I went to what was 15 16 years old that’s when I started taking with our sets of pills the silly reason behind it was because I was about to go on a trip in Turkey and I didn’t want the period to ruin my trip so I started taking the pills without much medical advice without me realizing it I started putting on weight and I was know eating very well I was so much into faster than at age and my parents were very opposed so I was barely eating at home because I didn’t want to I just wanted fast food and a lot of sugar when I was 19 years old and I just finished high school I haven’t been accepted to a film school that I wanted to go to India first and I was actually the only one from a class of thirty eight kids that was not gonna go outside of the city to study so I was feeling so left behind I was lonely and sad and having no activity I’m thought to myself you know what let me sign myself up for a gym being such a small city everybody knew everybody so I was so terrified when I went to this gym it was a Smoochum so I knew everybody would watch me but you know what I was determined I was gonna do it I took my towel and I headed towards the treadmill so I started doing quite a lot of cardio at the beginning because I didn’t know anything about the machines or anything about weight training that stage I would know nothing about nutrition about proteins or macros or anything like that I would still eat the same things that I was eating before I would still have my mum’s homemade chips and I still remember how she would laugh with me saying oh you going to the gym and you’re to having chips and I said mom this is balanced for myself and healthy eating would mean have enough salad and I was so boring I wouldn’t sacrifice my chips for that at some point I made this really cute guy at the gym and he started showing me some different exercises different movements and he was showing me how the machines are working I was having fun and I was losing a bit of weight so I was happy but I was quite flat I didn’t have many shapes after half a year I moved to London and I left my family and friends behind so anybody who has done that they know how hard it is to adapt yourself to a new fireman so going to the gym was really not on my priority list whatsoever after going to that stage I got more used to this new lifestyle so I signed myself up for a gym and I was already in my second year of uni when I was so tired and so drained by work and school because I had to make a living I was barely going to the gym maybe once or twice a week and most of the times after 10 p.m.

When not too many people with that just because I didn’t want to be watched by anybody because I thought I’m not doing the right thing so I felt people would be judgmental in the same time I got myself into a depression and due to certain life events I was in a really negative process of thinking and all of this was draining me so much I would have so many things to deal with outside of me but I couldn’t deal with them because I was so drained of my constant of the constant pain I was causing myself this subject is not very easy for me to speak about and it’s not something that was gone too much in that but I’ve had a lot of support to go through it and I know on the outside it look like I was quite alright but I was literally having daily battles in order to deal with my own mind after months of not taking care of myself and leave me my precious I’m a slow on grass I have made different changes in my life such as not going out as much going to the gym a lot more I was putting a lot of time and effort into watching YouTube videos and following sets and workouts made by other people watching Instagram story so I was getting inspired and I actually created my own routine that’s the moment when I starting weight training and that’s the moment when I realized I don’t want to be skinny anymore I just want to be strong and fit and have a healthy lifestyle three years ago when I have started working where I work right now I met so many good inspiring people such as nutritionists and personal trainers and that’s how I started to learn more about myself and about nutrition and about fitness I’ve started to get my hider on things and what is why to eat then what is wrong and how to get a balance out of all these areas in my life I am so blessed to have people around that work in the fitness industry and to always find out new things I never actually had a personal trainer the main reason was because in my uni years I couldn’t afford it and then the second thing is that now I don’t feel like I need one I am still a work in progress I’m still finding out things I’m still developing myself as I go along and it’s amazing to connect with these people right in the same time I feel like I can deal with it myself now as you guys can see my fitness journey has always been impressed by certain events in my life the fitness was never gonna be a hundred percent my entire life because I have so many things I have to deal with on a daily basis I need from the start that I’m not doing this just to get fit for my friend’s wedding or to go in a certain holiday this was gonna become a choice that I will make it every day so I’m building myself up towards a healthy lifestyle piece every day choices about what am i training how am i training how many times I’m training what am i eating and what am i not having what sort of indulgences I’m allowing myself to have his all helped me to focus better to sleep better to function better on a daily basis and anything that I’m doing and I think the most important or the more is the fact that I am more present and when I’m present that’s like I said a hundred percent that’s when I’m giving my best of what I’m doing but you guys can see these came to me gradually I have worked for it and you didn’t happen overnight it even happened over a week we happened over a few years so I am still a work in progress just how I was a year ago I don’t know everything but still finding out and that’s the reason why I wanted to share with you guys just so you know that it’s a journey for me just how many days for you

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