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ज़िद्दी Dark Tanning हटाएं Naturally – How To Remove SUNTAN from FACE & BODY | Anaysa

Just wait.. wait.. No need to worry at all As I am here to help you today I’ll share with you a home remedy to get rid of tanning & ingredients are easily available at home no need to do a lot to make this remedy you need Soak this red lentil for about 2 to 3 hours &after that make a fine paste of it dilute lemon juice with water now add 2 tbsp of honey our skin becomes dull & damaged during summers due to harmful sunrays i.e. causes skin tanning we use this tan removal scrub to get rid of this tanning firstly apply thick layer aloe vera gel all over the affected area( i.e. wherever you’ve tanned skin) this aloe vera gel helps in loosening of dead skin cells this helps a lot in removing dead skin cells while applying the pack don’t apply aloe vera gel in a rubbing way instead you can apply it in tapping motion spread this pack between your fingers like this apply it gently to all over the face now gently massage like this red lentil works as a good exfoliator to our skin ie helps in removing dead skin cell & tanning also apply this pack to neck area & massage for 2 to 3 minutes massage only in circular motion lemon juice helps in removing tanning along with it also helps in reducing blackheads & whiteheads apply this scrub over the affected area also massage well potato juice acts as an anti ageing ie helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles from our skin also helps in reducing dark spots from our skin this scrub helps in removing tanning skin absorbs the goodness of honey makes our skin soft & glowing after that wait for five minuts after 5 minutes either you have a bath or or clean your face & hands follow this remedy at least thrice a week you can see the difference here and after 2 or 3 days this scrub suits to all skin type ie you can use this whatever is your skin type almost reduce in 3rd or 4th day so how easy this remedy is for best results apply it at least thrice a week & do comment below that what are skin problems you face during summers I’ll try to make videos on that topic if you are new to Anaysa so your welcome to Anaysa family & if you have not subscribed the channel yet so press that red subscribe button also don’t forget to press that bell icon nearby it and be a part of our Anaysa family will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye


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