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5 Mins DAY & NIGHT Skincare Routine – सबसे आसान और पैसा वसूल | Anaysa

Ohh its too hot day.. also pollution is there also harsh sunlight & the storm more often these days friends we can’t stop them but this doesn’t mean that let them to ruin our skin also we all have different skin type so today I’ll tell you what are skincare products you need to use from day to night So that your skin fights with all these problems Also I’ve mentioned the links of all the products in the description box below so if you want you can buy them directly from As there is a sale going on Nykaa so along with saving money you can take the benefits of all the products so lets get started with today’s video its morning guys friends we need to wash our face twice a day so we need to use such a face wash which gently cleans our skin so for this you can use it suits to all skin type just take a good amount of this face wash n rub and then start cleaning your face also it is made from natural ingredients properly clean dead skin cell and impurities from our skin also you can use its single tube for about 2 to 3 months so no need to buy face wash frequently we must apply toner after face wash as it deeply cleans our skin pores so for that you can use As this toner is in spray form so no need of cotton to apply this whenever you wash your face then spray it like this on your face and wait for about five minutes so as to make it deeply penetrates into your skin and it has Lavender and Rose extract that deeply nourishes your skin now lets talk about day cream as we all have different skin type so we need to choose a day cream according to our skin type so first talk about oily skin so you need to use such a moisturiser that doesn’t has oil content that is you need to use a gel base moisturiser so you can use just take its little amount on your fingers and apply it well all over your face it has Lotus extract which deeply penetrates in our skin pores and nourishes our skin which keeps your oily skin supple all day long Another option for oily skin this lotion absorbs excess oil from your face means maintain oil balance of your face now lets talk about Normal Skin Typw for that you can use friends I’ve seen so many creams of thick consistency also not blend well on our skin but this cream gets easily blend on your face also it has SPF 20 which protects us from harmful UV- A & UV-B of sun now lets talk about Dry Skin Type for that you can use also if you’ve extreme dry skin it will keep your skin moisturise & hydrate friends we must apply a night cream as this going to repair skin cells overnight so for that you can use As your face fights with dirt, impurities n sweat all day long so repairs your skin overnight Lakme has launched some products recently so give them a try at least once As so hot & humid these days are and whenever we step out in this weather we get tanning on our body for that you can use As it contains Papaya extract which makes our skin soft and supple its granules doesn’t make our skin scratchy like other scrubs also doesn’t cause redness to our skin If you have dark circles or if you’ve extreme dry skin around your eyes for that you can use this eye gel will resolve your under eye dark circle problem also reduces dryness around your eyes whenever we travel a lot we notice dark spots on our face also our skin tone gets uneven so you can use to use this whenever you wash your face take two pumps of this serum on your fingers and apply it all over your face also blend this well all over your face it will best if you apply if after toner then you can apply any of your favourite moisturiser lips are also important as our face recently I’ve done diy video for lip care but sometimes we college & office going girls don’t have that much of time to follow that diy so for that you can use i always keep this lip balm in my bag to make my lips soft & moisturise in these summers so that was Day & Night Skin Care Routine for all skin types if you’ve found this video helpful then do like and share this video more and more also don’t forget to subscribe our channel Anaysa also follow us on instagram so me Anishka will see in my next video till then take care n bye-bye


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