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7 Life Saving HACKS for Perfect SKIN & HAIR | #Beauty #Skincare #Sketch #Anaysa

We Always ask you for LIKES and you always forget to do it but we never forget your request so we’ve brought for you Skin & Hair Care Hacks lets keep this Introduction a bit short as we’ve a lot to tell them and the links of that special things which we’ve used is given in the description box below so plz tell them lets them watch the video and make them to give at least 1,50,000 LIKES lets go..

Will you come to Pub today? yes I am in yes I Know and what about you two?? two!!! Yes you and your pimple this song is suitable to these guest….. & these uninvited guest not gone so easily To get rid of these add a pinch of salt and turmeric in 1tsp of flour mix well and then make a ball like this apply it on pimple for overnight salt makes that skin soft and turmeric is antibacterial on its own but don’t apply it too much what you’ve done now I’ve to apply body lotion again so what I do?? as no work at all remain for me only keep applying body lotion all day long but I too smart enough I’ve four different body lotion like that of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera & that Almond Oil one and how much you spent on all these approx Rs 3000/- why don’t you buy this Wow skin Science Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter Body Lotion only at Rs 399/- It may contains Paraben and all that rubbish ingredients it contains Cocoa and Shea Butter and its Paraben free and it doesn’t contain all that bullshit contents what’re you talking about but need to apply this too again and again only once in every 24 hours tell me what’s is this?? its looking like Pakoda yeah true this is your nose which looks like Pakoda I think I’ve miss out something yes make it correct its perfect now as how its get completed without that blackheads & Open Pores on your nose erase it No I’ll not..

She is not ready to remove it from her drawing but you can remove it from your nose.. spent all your pocket money?? now from where you get that money? there’s a word DIY Exists too If you too spent out your all pocket money cut cucumber slices put them in a jar also with some mint leaves and add one glass of water to it and leave it for overnight and your DIY Toner is ready to use stop!! this is a scrub specially bought it for me what a nice chocolate fragrance it has I too use DIY Scrub sometimes actually what happens it remains in jar for too long and bed smell will come our so I left it that’s why your body looks too tanned and flakey to which you wanted to eat actually its Body Cupid Chocolate Body Scrub as its in tube so its too easy to use and its Paraben & Sulphate free too just like your DIY’s Scrub use this to remove that tanning & flakiness from your body yeah give it to me what!!! hey listen how you get that much of time to make new hairstyles everyday we don’t have enough time after hair wash actually I have a weekly Plan Weekly Plan!! I keep my hair open that day of hair wash and when it’ll get a bit oily then I make half ponytail full pony tail if it’ll get more oily and today I feel my hair too sticky so I’ve made this bun hairstyle its good and Weekly plan again get start from the next day you’re Junior to me lets take your ragging sing a song…

I remember that phrase looking at you.. what’s thats on your forehead I’ve tried your remedy to get rid of pimple and remove your moustaches… she always remain interested in making fun of me I used to of this fun making but I got it solution now forget that myth that your hair grow like a boy after doing shaving your hair always grows like a girl if you are a girl Razor is so much helpful to them whose Waxing & Bleaching not suits dead skin also get removed along with that unwanted hair but keep in mind special types of razors are available for girls Always use Lukewarm water to wash your hair neither too cold nor too hot but what’s its gonna to do?? Lukewarm water open up your hair cuticles and all the dirt got clean well and then whatever be the conditioner you’ll apply then will condition your hair so well now pour one mug cold water to make your hair cuticles close so have you enjoyed..

now tell me which hack you like the most ?? and which part make you to laugh a lot let us know in the comments below hit LIKE and get this video to 1,50,000 LIKES also follow us on Instagram at So will see you in our next video .


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