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DIY Skincare HACKS You MUST Know – How To Get Clear, Flawless Skin | Anaysa

Try that juice Nothing happens with these goggles Try that body lotion which we’ve bought yesterday Are you too got bothered during summers due to dirt & sweat which irritate to our skin a lot & Sometimes we’ve got confused what we should do to our skin & what’s not sometimes we make small mistakes which adversely affects to our skin health so today I’ll tell you that what you need to do with your skin and whats not so as to take care of your skin properly ohho.. this is the temperature almost everywhere We need to wash our face often due to these hot days of summer Here we make a mistakes that we wash our face frequently dear!! its our face not a cloth no need to wash it again n again more you wash your face more oil get secreted from your face and this causes pimples & breakouts on your face so if you want to make your skin healthy So you need to do is just wash your face twice a day other than this to keep your skin hydrated pour a glass of water in a pan now boil it for 2 to 3 minutes adding rose petals after 3 minutes turn-off the gas & strain that water here your face mist is ready you can use it either as a toner on your face or as a spray after filling it in a spray bottle Most of you got confused what should they apply first either apply sunscreen, moisturiser or any other cream first You need to apply cream in a proper order first you should apply aloe-vera gel or serum on your face this makes your first layer now apply any of your favourite moisturiser now you are ready to apply a sunscreen friends if you follow this order of applying creams that i’ve told you so you will get all the goodness from these creams look at her scrubbing face so harshly think like that if you wash clothes with harsh rubbing cloth will get worn out If you want exfoliate your skin I am going to tell you about an home made scrub for this take a handful of rice soak it in water for about 10 to 15 minutes after that grind it to make a fine paste and your home made scrub is ready now apply it on your face to exfoliate your face do not scrub your face more than 3 minutes all the dirt got removed from our face after exfoliation this natural scrub does not cause any harm to your skin if you apply a body lotion of heavy consistency this may cause harm to your skin you need to use such a body lotion in summers which easily gets absorbed to our skin means it doesn’t fade away from our skin after sweating so for this you can use Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion the best thing in this it has a deep moisturising serum that means it readily absorbs deeply into your skin to apply this take a good amount of this lotion on your palm evenly apply it to your whole body no need to rub more as it gets readily absorbed into your skin Just application of this soothes & refresh your skin well also gives a good fragrance it deeply moisturises your skin for 48 hours who doesn’t need a hydrated body?? as you can she is eating so spicy & packaged food so you should avoid these drink 3 to 4 litres of water a day to keep your body hydrated yeah its little difficult but you can do this along with this take any of your favourite juice also you can consume watery fruits like must include water melon , musk melon water content is more in these fruits All these things keep your body hydrated So these was the Summer’s skincare do’s & don’ts I hope you’ll avoid all the don’ts which i’ve told you & properly follow all the do’s so as to keep your skin healthy & glowing this summer If you’ve found this video helpful Do like & share this video & Don’t forget to subscribe the channel Anaysa also press that bell icon nearby the subscribe button for being the first one to watch my latest video So I’ll meet you with a new amazing video till then take care n bye-bye


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