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Skin Care के सबसे अच्छे Products कौन से हैं ? Best Skincare Routine | Anaysa

Hello friends !!! welcome to ANAYSA summers are almost on and we face a lot of problem on our face like tiny bums , pimples , tanning and so on these are all problems with our face during summers now come to their solutions solution is that we should choose a skin care routine we can follow daily skin care routine means which products we should use from morning to evening on our face in right way in this video i will tell you about best skin care products for your face all products link are given below in description box if you want to buy them sale is going on you can get them from i also gonna tell you actual price and sale price so you get to know about discount on products let’s get started with today’s video first step for skin care routine is FACE WASH after wake up in the morning and before going to sleep in night must wash your face with the face wash due to this all dirt and oil gonna remove from your face and we get a clear face ( dirt free ) for face wash you can use BOIUTIQUE Bio Neem Face Wash it suits on every skin Biotique products are easily available they are made with natural extracts and it contains less chemicals if your skin is dry and dead so you can use DOVE beauty moisture sometimes after face wash our skin get dry and we feel like skin is stretching using this we get a soft and smooth like fluffy fluffy in summers oil skin face much problems for controlling this BOITIQUE bio pineapple face cleanser some cleanser remove all oil from our face and our skin produce more oil to recover that lackness and this causes more pimples on our face prevent this problem you can use this cleanser this will remove excise oil only second step is toner if you have oily or combination skin or you have tiny bumps and pimples on your face so clean for your pores’ dirt must use toner so you can use KAYA’S daily pore minimising toner if you are facing open pores problem so this will help to minimising your pores 2nd toner is BIODERMA’S sensibio H2O micellar water this toner work as make up remover also if you have sensitive skin or facing acne problem so this product will work magically on your skin as saying prevention is better then cure if you have acne or pimple so they left their marks before its get too late must use this product so we don’t face pimple or acne problem for toner you can use home made rose water don’t use cheap rose water as they contain chemicals think once chemical contain product will go into our pores how badly it can damage or skin try don’t to use cheap rose water instead this you can use KAMA AYURVEDA pure floral mist box as they are 100 % pure you will get different varieties in this box like LAVANDER , MOGRA , ROSE WATER you can use as per your favourite smell 3rd step is MOISTURIZING to maintain moisturizeyour face must use moisturizer for day we should use day cream and for night use night cream there is huge difference between day and night cream day cream moisturize our skin and night cream repair our skin for moisturizer you can use LACTO CALAMINE daily care lotion for oily skin use purple bottle and for normal skin use green one if your face sweat much so you can use KAYA any ime moisturizing cream this will give matte finish look to your skin as well for night cream you can use PALMER’S skin success fade cream this contains retinol which help you to prevent tiny spots or marks from your face if you want to make your skin smooth like butter so you can use PLUM GREEN TEA renewed clarity night gel it also contains LICORICE POWDER which helps to brighten your skin if you have normal to dry skin so you can use BIOTIQUE bio wheat germ night cream this also helps to get your skin brighten 4th step is sun protection for this you can use BIOTIQUE bio carrot cream this suits every skin type as it made with 100 % natural extract we use this in day for protect our skin from sun rays 5th step is SKIN CARE TREATMENT they all were basic skin care products if you have particular skin problem so don’t forget to apply cream related to that problem if you have dark circles problem so you can use O3plus eye circle cream if you have uneven skin tone or have tiny marks or spots so you can use before moisturizer PALMER’S skin therapy oil as it contains vitamin e and retinol which help to remove spots from face if you are a makeup lover don’t remove your makeup with face wash instead this use GARNIER micellar cleansing water this will remove makeup well from our face as you know if we eat almonds daily we get a sharp memory so it’s dose not mean we eat all almonds same day so we should choose the skin care routine that we can follow it every day this was today’s video if you like then hit on like icon and share as well commenting below and let me know about the product which is most important for you don’t forget to subscribe ANAYSA press that bell icon too so you will get the notification that we have uploaded a new video me ANISHKA will meet you guys in my next video till then take care and buh byeeee


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