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Hey guys, it’s Kim Dao here, welcome back to my channel. In this video I am going to be telling you guys the top ten Japanese skincare product you must buy if you go to Japan previously I made a video on the top 10 makeup products which you must buy if you visit So if you guys want to see the makeup version it make sure you check out this link. When I made the makeup version Of the video a lot of people requested me to do the skincare version So here it is just before I start video if you guys want to know how much the product is and where to buy It in Japan make sure you check the blog post below dat all you go travel so let’s start with the twins to get to the other side of a game to the tablet is bag he didn’t step on his father of the characters I made this over the other side of a game to the tablet is bag he didn’t step on his father of the characters I made this so don’t say i copied from strangers product first item is the costed custom airport clear turn eyes own now the Just for your eyes you’ll have 32 uses out of them and this product is Ai am so uncle especially good for eye or mouth Zone care It’s going to come back fine lines wrinkles and dry skin It’s been a number one product for nine years in a row now So the packaging is very simple you lift up the sticky part and then you take out as many sheets as you want to use So I apply just underneath my eyes and then I left it on for about 10 minutes.

What’s amazing about this iron? Mask is that it’s almost transparent, so it doesn’t really look like you are wearing a mask at all I’m not sure why I didn’t think about this before, but I could have totally bought this onto a plane and worn as well I was on a plane which would have made my skin so much better. So next time I’m definitely going to be doing that I find it if you are.

Just using it for One day You’re not going to see results you have to use it for quite a while So after using it for about a week I found a difference in my skin my skin was no longer as dry as it was Usually when I fly my skin gets very flaky especially just under my eyes, and I feel that it’s not flaking anymore So that has definitely helped best of all it’s a drugstore item is very very cheap and affordable Next item is a Kanebo Suisai beauty clear powder. Now this product is Superduper popular in Japan if you go inside any drugstore in Japan you will see this product everywhere so pretty much what this is is that you have some mini capsules inside and Inside the capsules you have a little bit of powder and to use.

It’s also very simple I just pour all the powder onto my hand and then mix the powder with the water and then the Consistency should be quite milky, so this item washes your skin, and it’s also very gentle So it doesn’t dry out your skin at all you can apply just with your hands if you have a brush it would work more Effectively, I believe so after using this product my skin felt so incredibly soft afterwards also one thing I loved about the product is that there’s no fragrance isn’t it I feel that this item is not strong enough to remove makeup But if you guys like to double cleanse which is what I like to do most of the time I find out this is perfect For using so this item is also meant to exfoliate and excess sebum for Acne prevention also it includes soy milk fermentation extract which really moisturizes your face found this product is really great for traveling with so Especially if you’re on a plane, you’ve got a little bit of powder You just need a tiny bit of water you can just wash your face on an airplane or an airport so easily place item is an interesting one and this is to say to the Collagen and is actually a Drink so she said it actually claimed that this drink is a best Collagen drink available And it was salt on your wrinkles in just about 3 days so when I heard about this product is that you are meant to drink this the night before and then when you wake up the Next morning your skin will look a lot more brighter and a drink actually comes in different types So I just got the collagen type.

So I’m going to try it out now It kind of smells like medicine, citrus and it kind of smells sweet as well. Ok let’s try it. Itadakimasu! It tastes like juice actually. I’m just going to down the whole thing It’s my skin nicer now so with this product you are meant to drink it more often So it doesn’t work after just one drink unfortunately, but it’s not bad. It’s quite a nice drink It’s very easy to drink it very quickly tastes like juice, and it’s quite pleas i i taste the samet hing whith my uncle ant I’ve actually used that item before and I feel that it does work in terms of making your skin brighter But I feel that in terms of getting rid of clogged pores or Acne It doesn’t really work that way but if you just want brighter skin then definitely that item does work pretty well if item is a DhC deep cleansing oil now this product is super Duper popular if you go into drugstores once again You’ll see this product everywhere.

It’s a makeup remover, and it just pretty much helps make up slide off your face I feel it’s very lightweight onto your skin So it doesn’t cause your skin to break out so a lot of people might freak out because you’re putting all on your face But let me assure you this product is very lightweight. So when you apply it onto your face It doesn’t you out, so this item is a decreasing oil And it’s a makeup remover it features our unique water soluble formula that rinses thoroughly it is very rich vitamins and antioxidants And it also hydrates for younger looking skin apparently one of these items sells in every 10 seconds worldwide, so to use it It’s pretty easy you just rub it onto your face while your face is still dry and what I like to do is gently Rub it all over and make sure it removes all my makeup and As you can see my makeup is removed very very easily once you are done Just wash off your face with water also despite.

It being a cleansing oil It does not make my face feel greasy at all Next item is this charcoal soap and this is Sumi Haigou Settuken charcoal of Bar Soap. So this adds on when you smell it has got a very earthy Aroma to it and charcoal is great for cleansing because it helps pull dirt and grime out of your pores and this particular sopes Bamboo Vinegar which is going to disinfect clean and moisturize your skin and also another great thing about this herb Is that it’s not just for your body is actually gentle enough to use on your face To remove my makeup of course it’s not the greatest makeup removed, but mainly because it’s not really meant to be use for that But if you are having a bath, and of course if your makeup is really This is great to just clean your face with so Chaco is meant to make your skin brighter clearer and more even in tone So I have very uneven skin tone and this helped out so much also this soap is super Duper cheap in Japan and it will Last a very long time when I use a soap on my face my skin did not feel dry at all item is this black sheet mask, and this is a KOSE Koseme port clear turn black mask And this one is the one that contains Japanese medical herb extracts And I decided to pick up as product to show you guys because it’s been the number product for years this mask claims to have penetrating beauty sera bursting with moisture which would tighten skin around your pores Also gives you fresh skin with a translucent look and also the power of the japanese medical herbs will also nourish your skin so each Mask is packed individually, just open it up and you can see from the product is so much Moisture inside the mask so after wearing the mask for about 10 to 15 minutes I take it off And then just massage the rest of my face my face feels so much more moisturized Like sytem is a favorite of mine, and this is little moisture mask now This item is one of the most popular face masks in Japan It’s very very affordable for the masks that you get inside So the mask comes in different colors, and I’ve got the pink one Which is just a regular version, so these masks are the best selling masks in Japan you can find them anywhere So when you go into a you’ll find them even if you go to a convenience store you might see smaller packets the mask Increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture and also enhances the absorption of serums So I think comes with a few important ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which is great for moisturizing your skin also Soy bean extract which gently soothe troubled skin so ever all your skin is meant to look really bright after using this mask One thing I love about this masks is that it’s one of the only masks that actually fit my face usually when I use face masks even from Japanese or Korean Brands They are way too big for my face, they don’t fit very well at all But this mask fits, so well my face It’s probably one of the only ones that do it’s super easy to use this product so like the eye Masks you just open up the sticky part Take out a mask and then just apply it onto your face and as you can see there’s a lot of moisture in the mask As well, so after using the mask I feel that my face definitely feels a lot more healthier I got this in a small I travel size, but you can also get these in the big sizes waller drugstores.

This is an intensive motion and it’s formulated to enhance Translucency in skin for it to look younger and healthier and this also helps prevent skin Pigmentation and the prints of freckles and it also stops the hydration also this item is suitable for all skin types So it’s going to clear milky consistency and once you rub it into your face instantly it just feels so much more Moisturized the item is quick absorbing And it’s a very lightweight moisturizer which brightens and soft hands your skin nicely contains vitamin C inner product which is what prevents inflammation? Freckles and ageing spots I find out after using the emotion your skin does feel slightly sticky afterwards So I would definitely recommend. putting a moisturizer on straight away after using it But this product makes your skin feel amazing is actually won so many awards as well So definitely check that one out one thing I want to tell you guys is that for the more expensive Japanese Skin care products what I love that is that you can also buy a smaller travel size products Just in case you want to try it out first and see if you actually like before buying the full-size products So I actually just bought travel sizes for most of my products this item is a skincare product that I have been using for years This is the sana Nameraka Honpo Shittori Keshousui.

This product has won so many awards, and this is actually one of the first Japanese skincare products I have used when I first came to Japan feels amazing onto your skin, so it’s actually quite thick in consistency It’s very milky, but it just absorbs really quickly, and it is so moisturizing very gentle on your skin and soy milk Which is very effective on hyperpigmentation? So the moisturizer when you apply onto your facing lights very easily onto your skin since It’s moisturizing is so light you can layer on as much as you want depending on how you feel It’s also super cheap for this product and a little bit of the product goes a long way So I apply I only put a tiny bit onto my face and seriously you can use product for a very long Time final item usedo perfect whip so this item is actually a foam cleanser And it’s meant to take off makeup and also draw impurities from the pores So the foam is meant to protect your skin from Harsh cleansing motions So actually what you were meant to do is just apply a tiny bit onto your hands just a little bit and then just run It under water then rub your And then you should be able to get a little bit of to your hands now of course There’s not that much foam that appear So if you use a foam net or if you use a brush or a clarisonic, you’ll get much better results since I was just traveling I didn’t have any of that, so I just use my hands So I put it all over my face to remove my makeup and my makeup removed quite easily so according to suceed Oh, this is an ultra Rich foam which dissolves impurities and makeup Effectively, so I put it this doesn’t work very well however if you have heavy eye makeup like really strong waterproof Mascara Probably won’t be able to remove that so if you are using waterproof, Mascara I highly recommend you use an eye makeup remover first to take off your makeup and then use this onto your face it does feel Very light on my face, so I didn’t feel my face dried out at all and afterwards.

I my skin felt very soft It’s also very very cheap for this product so definitely recommend it so that is it for the top Japanese skin care products you? Must buy when you visit , please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and if it was helpful also if you want me to do more videos like this let me know in the comment box down below Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet to keep up to date with me on my videos also subscribe to my vlog Channel you want to see I get up to on my everyday life in Japan and don’t forget to follow me on my social Media the Links are here or just down below in the description box.

Once again if you guys want more information about how much? These products are and where to buy them in Japan don’t forget to check out the blog post down below at Odigo Travel. Everything is linked down below guys once again for watching and I’ll you guys in the next video Bye!! .


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