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Women Use DIY Skin Care Products For 2 Weeks

I mean it feels la-da-da today we are going to try and make our own skin care out of things you can find pretty much at any store I don’t know anything about making Steffes so I have Mercedes here to help me from the goodwill team a good tool is a lifestyle brand and we are reinventing health and wellness by helping and inspiring others to live more health-conscious life check it out you know how sometimes it’ll be like this definitely works and you’re like okay but like how can you really tell if something is actually working on your face exactly sometimes I feel like I just need to take a break from what I’m using to see if what I’m using actually makes a difference you know is this a good way to save money if I just made my own skincare from things that I have anyway would it would I be saving money I’m not sure do you have like any worries about doing this I’m afraid it’s not gonna do a good job of getting rid of the oil like this but we’ll just have to see in like the caverns of your face worth the secret time that’s like where I get clogged a bit yeah that’s what I’m concerned about we’ve made face wash so this is for two weeks I think this will last be Julie I think it will do I’m just a little concerned about its gonna come out but we’re gonna try it hi are you cool with putting that on your face I feel like it’ll be okay right it smells like apple wine but like bad I’m pretty concerned with all this stuff on my face about breaking out Sam I never really like break out in a lot of areas it’s always just like one big giant pimple it smells pretty good yeah I can’t open this jar I have shea butter try it try it try it I feel like it’ll be a little bit yellow so you’d probably want to do this like on the weekend when I look down and I saw that this was it I was a little concerned about it I’m afraid of smelling bad because of this vinegar I want to smell like a fart yeah whatever life is short we’re all gonna die anyway yeah I think we’re gonna find that we like it stay one first time I’m about to use this face wash it’s like water for this good see what happens oh that’s exciting it smells like play-doh which is strange it smells not bad I eventually you know I mean it’s face wash its face wash for sure for sure this is doable feels a little like really dry I’m afraid this I’m a little nervous the skin upper because it’s vinegar Wow it’s very very sucks this is the one that I’m really worried about because I think it’s gonna be greasy oh my god it’s so it’s like raining I felt very moisturized we’ll just have to play with it and see are you doing so I used it again this morning I don’t like the graininess and the like immediate greasiness I feel but after it kind of goes and it’s really soft really nice I’m kind of shiny from this this moisturizer it actually takes a long time to sing them to your skin I think I put it on around 7:15 a.m.

It’s now almost 11:00 and it’s still kind of sitting on top of my skin in places feeling kind of oily I do have two pimples now I left this in my gym bag which was in my car and it’s completely liquid I’ve just go home from a night out I’ve got some makeup on here I’m gonna see if the face wash can take off my makeup fully it took pretty much all of my eyeshadow off and much all my makeup except for this what if I did my own shampoo conditioner lotion I’ve been getting like deep deep cystic acne and I fell on my nose that you can kind of see like where it’s red right there that is so deep so I think I’m gonna try the tumor I can honey treatment because I read that it could work for cystic acne we got spot treatment going on and I have so much of this left over so I’m just gonna pop it in my fridge since I have a whole nother week of rest it’s morning I’m about to take a shower and I just want to check in and see how the tumor company worked this one it still looks red but actually the bump is so much smaller and then one of my forehead is like pretty much gone ya know I don’t know if it’s like showing through on camera but they look a lot less prominent as they were yesterday they’re still there how’s your skin it looks great well thank you it feels it’s not too different honestly it feels very soft my forehead is just constantly oiliness just like it comes from you don’t wait touch my forehead right now my moisturizer has like melted in my gym bag so many times and like re-solidified that it is now smooth it is no longer grainy I have a whole jar still and a whole container of face wash my key keep going past the two week mark I normally do a face mask about once a week I normally use something like this like a clay mask we can’t use these we’re gonna make our own right now I really like masks of Magnum NT from lush I mean it’s all natural stuff but it is definitely more expensive making yourself it is also September so I’m getting in the fall spirit with this pumpkin face mask what do you think oh be all you need is an old-fashioned oats and I add it to like a blender or a food processor I get some nice consistency that’s the consistency really you want to be able to like make it a pace to put it on your face feel like a little witch like I’m making special little potions I think I’ll just try and put it all on my face maybe this mask is designed for someone with a big face and not the face of a tiny pixie oh yeah I do feel exfoliated I do feel a really nice tingling like cooling effect I do feel like I need some moisturizer so I’m gonna go I’m gonna use my face moisturizer my skin actually feels really great I did kind of ruin this washcloth well that’s two weeks made it survived we did it how do you heady feel I feel good I’ve been getting like a lot of good feedback yeah you look really good you do we do we yeah people think it looks nice people think my skin well they think my skin looks the same just tells me everything I need to know yeah like nothing really changed exactly I feel the same I definitely did get like a little bit more gagney than I normally would but the moisturizer was a little too intense for me yeah but everything else it was good especially my pumpkin mask food for thought I would recommend trying this at least I think definitely I think I might keep using it be honest the moisturizer definitely you


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