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Korean Skincare 101: Best Ingredients for Dry Winter Weather

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel and today, I have Charlotte here, hi guys. I’m in Korea I’ve been here for two and half weeks Yeah So I was like we have to film another video because I love it whenever you share your knowledge to my subscribers, and they love it too, so Today we’re talking about best Ingredients or in the wintertime yes, so during the winter time a lot of people experience dry skin even people Who’d normally don’t have dry skin feel like they have dry skin during this harsh weather so I Have I normally have dry skin video so I always look for matter that are hydrating even during the summertime when it’s humid up So this is perfect. I’ll start with a nature Yeah, so you nature is a branded curative super glam about a year and a half two years ago And I thought I was really intriguing because birch juice I noticed is a visiting green that is found in a lot of skincare products But you need to decided to pull out this ingredient as a main ingredient so this one has 91% for their JD’s yeah, I miss miss and its super hydrating it’s like basically splashing purchase on your face yeah, and this Marengo fuzzy ball also contains four shoes, so Basically what purchase doesn’t really deeply hide use your skin people see it’s like the next coconut water.

Oh, okay Can you go to Whole Foods? They’ll have like virtual you Do you know oh yeah? And it’s like literally tap straight from the source and then a lot of times Korean brands they replace water content with birch juice because it’s more hydrating But it kind of has its like accents of salt absolvent Have you learned a lot of Korean brands replace water with something else so like burst juice is one green tea yeah? Drinking water yeah, yeah pretty amazing one of the products that I like is this one by cosa red Yes, it’s the oil free ultra moisturizing lotion with birch sap is that the same thing. It’s pretty much the same thing. Yeah. Yeah, I Have this much left because this is one of my favorite gentle lotion right before the moisturizer during the wintertime I like to double moisturize.

Yeah, so after the toner essence. I’ll use one of these lotions, and then a moisture cream Yes, I actually love this because it kind of is good before makeup because we couldn’t exit the primary right and yeah No convenient to use because it comes in a pump and you guys all know how much I love cosa Rex and it’s not It doesn’t have like it doesn’t break me out. Yeah, and what I love about this Oh by the way, if you guys are looking for the birch juice ingredient on the back of the label It is like officially called the Tola Plot of pilot. I put it right Yes, is it a long name, and it’s very hard to pronounce I’m totally butchering it, but yeah, that’s the actual like scientific word that you’ll see in the back of the bottle And they won’t call it first shoes over that Plot up Sheila look jump on a good juice Julie butchering it.

This isn’t a 70% this one also They don’t say on the packaging but on the product description. They’re always calling out we put 91%. That’s good You know it’s not all water. Yes. There are myths and products that aren’t already water Yeah, there’s so many products out there that put literally ninety nine ninety five percent water or bad And I think that’s why it’s so important to get a curated production because people are you know if people are actually looking at the? Ingredients and helping you figure out how its formulated an ape and it’s better for you Yes, so birch juice look out for it or this word right here. It’s that long one at long one alright, so transitioning to This product right here, so you said this has a 17% produce the entire bottle there’s ninety three percent fermented ingredients So fermented products are might like one my favorite because they naturally produce amino acids vitamins and minerals And this one has a 93 percent 17% of its British juice and then the other percentage is 28 percent Fermented yeast which is in the Misha.

Oh, okay, so yeah the Like sk2, yeah, okay? And then 32 percent is this other yeast it’s like pathetic my Satan which is like another hard work But that’s another ferments yeast and then nine percent fermenting its are there so many percentages nine percent fermented rice Okay, guys. Yeah, so they’re brightening good for right mean good for hydration and it’s like 93 percent fermented which I think is really Yeah, usually anything fermented is good for the skin like even wine You know it’s good for the skin, so that’s why when it comes to the Neo Tomio Jen neo Jen gauze peels I like the wine one because it has that anti-aging benefits as well it absorbs better into your skin. Yeah, I totally agree and She has been raving about this product before it was out in the stores, and I was lucky to receive it But I never really had a chance to test it out until the past few weeks because you kept drinking about it But a little bit goes a long way Like I like one drop, and then my skin just drinks it up And I use this quite often already, and I still have basically the whole bottle left Yeah, I actually like douse my like skin like I literally do this Guys show us, I like and like this and then I’m sorry It’s good moisture.

Yeah, but I’m like literally all over and I do it again And then I also like layer it because it’s so bearable and oh Something I notice about this product is usually when you layer products You kind of have to wait a little bit and keep tapping. I don’t have to wait on you long with this one It’s just like okay two seconds all right go and then keep playing and I forget how many times I layered it because I can just my skin just drinks it up so good right right and then once you said it little goes A long way still like I just tried to like almost douse my skin yeah I was shocked when you posted an Instagram photo and yours was like halfway gone. I was like impossible Well, I’ve been using it for like three months. Yeah, literally. I’m like oh so my skin Yes, so this is known for burnt reduce as but mainly Remedies, yeah, all right so next we’re gonna talk about hyaluronic Acid and this is an ingredient that I know about because this year I feel like so many Beauty Companies have been stressing like Heather onek acid so that that term that that ingredient has been like something that I’ve been on the lookout for right and these two are the ones that are in my Bathroom right now okay cool, so I’ll talk about the job because you know more about this This is the Costa Rex one-step mousse Chur up pads, and it’s cranked my favorite toner Makeup remover oh you make it before and then I use oil cleanser um great mask Because you could just like put it on it’s also great for travel like I could rave about this all day But I know that this is formulated with great ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and we said propolis Yeah, yeah, so that’s another great hydrate ingredient.

Honey as a natural humectant proculis. You can see it’s similar to that It’s not a median ingredient I was made by bees But it’s just basically the wax that you would see on like a beehive that actually fuses the Beehive together It’s like that hard wax so it’s even more like dense basically And then they extracted that and even put it into I didn’t know that so if you look in the ingredient list for this one The first ingredients purple is which is a listen that is because on the packaging it’s like flan teen Hyaluronic acid and nothing about properly. You know that’s why I was shopping. I was removing. Oh, yeah Well like the hon skin. You know this one the best of keep you feel good. Yeah And I just love it cuz the texture is thicker yes, so I do feel like it’s grew label than the Missha essence man I like how both of these both of these are pretty much like fragrance free which I like And I think Misha has a slight fragrance, and I love how it has hyaluronic acid plus sodium hyaluronic So it’s basically the same thing they’re like humectants mmm, so sumenep tins are designed to not only give your skin moisture But it’s also meant to hold on to it.

Oh so I think that’s important I think that when you haven’t had your ingredient you have to ask yourself like is it actually sticking around Yeah, actually like mingling with your skin And it’s not gonna make it impact and I think that’s why people love Kyler that’s because it does like maintain it Yeah, it like creates This little berry yeah alright the moisture to stay in my face And that’s like just as important as it being moisturizing so this doesn’t mine over her favorite I um look how much I use I know and it looks so little but it’s like I Drenched my skin in this and like I finally got it down to here.

Yeah. I know I know There’s a huge bottle no I agree like these are all yeah. They’re all huge bottles so I think it’s because with skincare Sometimes you just have to generous it then even like sunscreen for example You’re not gonna get the same protection if you just put a little bit, so you it’s like in Korea They’re like They’re more like just use a lot yeah, and you know it’s not that it’s like I feel like they’re pretty affordable Yeah, for sure compared to like the Western brands that I’ve seen like toners can go for like 60 bucks Yeah, what is this one? Okay? So this is kind of a personal favorite? I found aqua through Lopes cuz they’re Now and they’re just like a really awesome bribe because these books up for mention ingredients again me and a ferment ingredient and this smell this I Can’t smell help me It’s a new bottle I’m excited licorice.

It’s okay, so this is called a licorice pH balancing cleansing toner. It’s a long name, but What? It smells really good. It’s just very natural. It’s not artificial. It’s just Yeah, it’s just very natural Just I’d love a scent and then it it’s a licorice page balancing cleansing toner so that means the pH is 5.5. I believe and Also, it has licorice which is a natural brightener. I love licorice and everything Missha actually essence you should have had Missha essence used to have the Christian they took it out for some reason And I just love licorice so this has 10% licorice water in it, and it has a licorice extract in it And it’s fermented plus it removes makeup, and it tones the skin So this is like all of your favorite. Yeah, you know in one product Basically, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I use it to remove my make up and for some reason this product also helps But you’re not going sour and not mean that double cleanse we’re in a shower – now the shower That uses to tone and put on a combat and it like leaves crazy like streaks on the pad and like This is really gross because I literally double cleanse anti-tick shower And I’m like why is it still like removing impurities on my skin, and I’m like that means on that Yeah, like no, but that’s what the Sun and Park Beauty water did for me And so that’s why I feel terrible you should you should try it I’m super excited about this and one thing I like really highly encourage you guys to do is Remember to get your neck oh, yeah like sometimes It’s hard to wash it over the sink So I think another way to do it is like douse your cotton pad and like literally put it Just like get around your neck you know your neck and so much stuff in there next we have Snail mucin yes, I feel like this is everyone’s favorite I love this product too like look see when it comes to coaster X like all the coaster X products right now Like this not love this much love and like half.

Halfway. Yeah, so And it’s affordable it really is this really has a 96% snail mucin. Okay, so snail mucin I know that it’s good for acne scars it helped brighten mine a lot But I didn’t know it’s good for like would your shirt. Oh my gosh. It’s like mainly for miss winters. Oh my god Not just winter, but like what I like about it look at what you said it’s good for acne So even if you have oily skin, you can really benefit from snail mucin people often think that like I have oily skin I don’t need hydration, but actually that’s totally different oil and just like hydration moistures two separate things So you still need a hydrate and a lot of oily skin? Notice that all skin types notice that when he puts snail mucin on its hydrating yet It doesn’t break them out yeah, and also snail mucin has like this very interesting texture.

You know It’s like very oh my god. Yes gross kinda. I feel like you should get like even closer Yeah, it’s like a little icky, but I’ll give you guys demonstration straw, but yeah, it’s like a very interesting texture But once it is on the skin and fully absorbed like it feels so good, and I just love the way it feels yeah I agree. There’s so many of our snail products. I’m so glad myself out Oh, yeah I feel like American brands still don’t jump on that I think it’s because people think it’s so weird And it’s not the snails. Yeah, yeah, yeah, crushed up It’s not yeah, so it’s just yeah, and it’s funny because some American brands. They do put snail secretion filtrate in it Oh, but they don’t advertise that you know they don’t talk about it. Oh, but he know it’s good ingredients We put it in but they it’s I guess it’s just not palatable for the US consumer not everyone right yeah But some people love it because it’s so unique Um finally we have sheet masks so this one right here is drenched in ceramide and I know ceramide is Really good for moisture you naturally produce Yeah, your skin already has certain foods And that’s why I think it’s so great cuz like you’re literally putting something that your skin already naturally, yeah And this one is from a brand called berry mom and berry mom is a Korean brand that is good for moms and also they Have products for babies I was introduced to very mom from my dermatologist, and she basically uses it and helps moisturize my skin And I noticed that the next morning my skin just looks super glowy Dewy and it looks a lot brighter, so this is actually my favorite sheet mask of 2017 cool You can take it wow It’s like a microfiber.

Um it’s like a cotton the greatest thing is like sometimes I like leave it on and fall asleep with it like by accident, and I wake up in the middle of the night but it’s still so chocolate so the Moisture is like it doesn’t stay there and absorb on to the sheet mask it just focuses on going into your skin Yeah, yeah, I like it. I see licorice shrieks. All right See centella asiatica extract, which is good me word Acclamation and x-ray so yeah, it’s good so far, and I keep ceramide in here.

Yeah, I don’t see any um Paraben so I can see like why is geared towards like mother area So the next sheet mask is this one from Costa Rex And I really like this especially for travel because it’s step one to entry Is the low pH class except two are two of these paths and then third is snail she musk? So it’s literally everything we talked about in one oh I love this I love mr.. X oh yeah me too. We almost forgot the moisturizer Yes, the Mesha clear cream does actually won the yes, but this one to two so one two yeah Yeah And this is made with birch juice. Oh, okay, so it’s just number one ingredient to talk ingredients Oh look. How clear it is. I think we mentioned this be more in your other video, but it’s very lightweight, but Super charged with birch juice so I think a lot of people like it because it really absorbs quickly and it’s very lightweight But keep in mind that it is a little bit stickier because it’s made with birch juice I was reading through some reviews about it and people are like I love it I love it and some people like but it’s too sticky for me some people are seeing justice yeah And I can see why because this is not a regular moisture, so it’s made with one like 80 percent water Yeah, there’s me with birch you so you are gonna get a little bit of stickiness um a little bit of tackiness But it doesn’t like bother me for some reason cuz I I think I know what’s know I think I may need to get you because my mother has oily skin yeah and he hates it when you know I’ve got to make him feel so sticky right but I Have dry skin my mom has dry skin, so we both love Products that are sticky like this yeah, you don’t mind it and like eventually the sticky bits goes away So I’m in Italy yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I hope you guys found this video helpful I’ll make sure to link all the products we talked about in the description box as well follow charlotte on instagram she uploads a lot of photos of the products that she’s finished using and you guys couldn’t ask her questions and She does respond right. Yeah. I love it. Yeah. We do so yeah. I’ll see you guys in my next one .


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