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How to Do a Simple Skin Care Routine | Beautiful Skin

Hi I’m dr. Elissa lunder I’ve been practicing dermatology at dermatology partners in Wellesley Massachusetts for the past 10 years I believe that skin care doesn’t have to be complicated with a few simple steps you can have beautiful skin you can visit dermatology partners at dermatology partners in comm so today we’re going to talk about skin care so skin care does not have to be complicated if you follow just a few easy steps you can have beautiful skin so there are four main things you want to think about you want to protect your skin you want to moisturize exfoliate and repair your skin first is protect your skin nothing causes more age spots and wrinkles than the Sun so you want to make sure you’re using a sunscreen all year round whether you’re just going to the grocery store and going to be in the Sun for five minutes or if you’re spending a day at the beach because sun exposure is cumulative throughout your entire life and the more sun exposure you get the more wrinkles you will be so it’s really important that you hydrate your skin because hydrated skin looks a lot younger it looks a lot more moist and you’ll just have a more beautiful complexion so you want to make sure you’re moisturizing twice a day so after you wash your face you’re going to put a moisturizer in the morning and then again at night then you also want to exfoliate your skin and the best way to exfoliate or the easiest way to exfoliate is just to use a simple chemical exfoliator like glycolic acid glycolic acids are just creams that you use on your skin at night and it just helps you get rid of that outer dead layer of skin and your skin looks so much fresher and beautiful underneath so that’s something that you do at night and then in addition you also want to help repair your skin so almost every woman over the age of 20 that’s not pregnant wants to be using a topical retinoid either an over-the-counter retinoid under the trade name of retin-a or Renova or generic Trenton Owen or using an aura to retinol and there’s been evidence to show that these products really help boost up the collagen and your skin and really repair the damage that’s been done so if you just remember to protect your skin moisturize exfoliate and repair your skin will be beautiful


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