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How to Pick Skin Care Products : Applying Astringent to Your Face for Skin Care

HARMONIE KRIEGER: Astringent is really important and I don’t think people do this enough. This is something that is so easy. After you’ve washed your face or you come out of the shower, I love this because it’s so refreshing. This is to prevent acne. Now, a lot of people need to prevent acne. And when they do have acne, it’s a great way to prevent more acne. So, this is by Clean & Clear and you can get this in the drugstore for about $4.99. Clean & Clear is just as good as any of those products from the spa and I love to do this probably three times a day.

Now, what you’re going to do is make sure you have a bunch of cotton swabs. This is also a great way to take off your makeup and I’m going to show you that in a second. So, you’re going to take cotton swabs and you can use one or two. Now, the thing to be careful about astringent, it’s very piercing to your skin. So, you feel kind of like a tingle so you don’t want to put too much on it once. So, basically, you’re going to just do a couple of drops almost like eye makeup remover. And you’re going to take it and you’re going to go all over the face. So, you’re going to take this and you’re going to rub it all over, everywhere; your nose, over your eyes, on your forehead.

Make sure you get every single place because this is what’s going to clean all of the excess dirt that you didn’t get with your exfoliator. So, even if you take a shower and you feel your face is super clean, always use the astringent after. And it does tingle but I like the tingle because it makes me feel that I’m getting all dirt off my face. Doesn’t that feel refreshing? And then if you look at your cotton swab, you’ll see just how much dirt you really have on your face. We won’t look at yours, don’t worry. And then just make sure you throw that away. And just have a stack of cotton swabs that you can always use. I always buy a pack of like a hundred or so and it looks like this. Again, I got this at Rite Aid. The whole package was a $1.99 and it will last to about two months. So again, use your astringent twice a day after the shower, after you wash your face.



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