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Skin Care Routine by Priyadharshini(PD) / 2017 India/ Secrets to Beautiful Skin

Hi Ca-Sh! This is Priyadharshini (PD). Today am going to share my skin care regimen. Go for skin care! Take care of your skin carefully and preciously. That is what I do. First thing in skin care is preparing the skin. According to me, prepping should start from the previous night. Getting ready for the next day starts from this night. What you can put in your mouth you can put on your skin. By keeping this basic rule in mind, we can escape from harmful chemicals to an extent. Though those products are attractive. Back to the point. We start prepping the skin starting from the previous night. Firstly, let the skin breathe well. Cleaning the skin thoroughly is rule number 1. We do not know what kind of dirt is accumulated in our skin. What is the safest routine to stick? We can use 2 types of cleansers. Oil cleanser or regular makeup cleanser. The cleanser can be in a cream form or water-soluble form.

Make removal comes under rule number 1. It depends on what type of makeup used, its coverage, our activities during the day. Depending on all that I have told you what is required for your skin. Now think about what you have been doing so far and what you need to change. So with that rule number 1 gets over. Now skin cleansing is done and we are ready to sleep. So here comes the next issue. What’s the night routine? Do we have to apply something or the other every night? Should we layer up with creams? Not necessary. If you are a person who keeps applying products regularly on your skin, the best time to let your skin breathe is at night. You will have to choose to remain with a product free skin on certain days. That’s number 1. Does that apply for all the 365 days? No. Then you can apply a night cream. Whichever that suits you. There are a lot of brands available. I use Avene cream. Avene is a good product. I personally like it. I also use Christian Dior and Estee Lauder night creams since I like them. Next issue is dark circles around the eye.

For which you can use under eye cream.You should not apply large quantities of cream under your eye expecting dark circles to vanish within a day. It works best only when applied in small quantities. Else it does not work. We might not get the desired result. Water soluble creams are best for oily skin type. My best rule for night routine is for two nights if you are layering your skin with creams then for the next two nights leave your skin free. Coming back to prepping our skin for the night, this is rule number 2. Rule No 3 After waking up we need to prep our skin for the day. How to prep? You may go with makeup or without makeup. If you are like me who goes for shooting, you cannot go to your location and apply moisturizer or your toner as you’ll have to start your makeup before the creams settle on your skin.

If there was a gap then it’ll settle in your skin with ease. Your skin will understand, ‘ ok now she has applied this cream, then some rest, then she is going to apply something else’. It better to give space between applying products. That is one small suggestion. It depends on skin type as well. Mine is oily type skin. It is getting drier with age. Certain skin types change with age. Your 20’s skin won’t be the same in your 30’s. Especially if you had pimples like I had. I used to have a lot of pimples when I was in School. Like any other teenager, I used to try everything on my face to get rid of pimples.

But after all the stress and strain I realise now that it was all unnecessary then. I could have just kept cool and the pimples would have gone by themselves. If you are facing the same issue then just stop bothering. Pimples will go on their own. Just leave it. it’ll go by itself. If you stop bothering, you’ll have clear skin. Coming to cleanser. Rinse your skin in the morning with a face cleanser of your choice. I like to wash my face with simple face wash. A simple face cleansing with Seba Med face wash is my routine. Next comes toner. Toner, moisturiser, serum is the general routine. Or you can use toner, serum, moisturiser. Toner can be used on a daily basis, even if you skip a day that doesn’t matter.

I like water-soluble toner better. I like Biotique toners. Cucumber toner is what i love to use a lot as it gives you freshness despite being water soluble. Korean skin care methods suggests layering skin with toners. You can use this toner for layering. Personally, I don’t believe in chemical toners so I use this toner. Next is serum. You can use the serum in your night routine to prep your skin if it feels dry. For day routine, I use the L’oreal Revitalift Serum. If you are in your 20’s you don’t need revital lift you can use the serum that is apt for the 20’s skin. Applying a minimum quantity of serum works better is what i have found over the years.

Instead of slathering your face with serum, applying little works better. The most important thing is to moisturise your skin for the day. In my skin care routine, the most favourite moisturiser is the Clinique Moisturiser. I love it! Its thin and feels light. Its doesn’t make your skin oily. As i already have oily skin. Similarly, I like this Avene Moisturiser. I use this as well. So this is my Skin Care Routine. Apart from all this there is also secret product! There is one best product! There is one best product!


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