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Testimonials for Shabari Loves Tropic

I know shibari as my sister-in-law but I also know her as somebody who is very very passionate about these wonderful products this is one of the products that I have purchased from now more than once it’s called the Tropic to he my healing balm and I have very very rough hills and rough elbows and kneecaps and this is a really really good treatment for all of those conditions but it’s also good for eczema and it’s good sort of soothing the skin and it’s natural and I think one of the main things that I’ve really really learned from somebody like shibari is that she has been able to teach me that a lot of products that we have on the high street and not necessarily the best products to put on a skin for example I didn’t know that veselin had to petroleum jelly as in petroleum petroleum in it maybe I sound ignorant but I didn’t know I think she’s made me aware of looking at labels more when i go into shops and supermarkets and looking to check if they have certain chemicals and para pains and things i like their cruelty free and I feel that if she hadn’t have taught me that I wouldn’t know um and I think it’s important not only the fact that she’s very very passionate about these wonderful products but the fact that she has this knowledge and so if you’re looking for products that are ethical that are cruelty-free and you’re looking for an ambassador who can give you that passion and you has that knowledge she’s a vegan herself and she knows a lot about it so if you are maybe a fellow vegan or your maybe looking for some products which are not only affordable which are but are really really great for the skin and you know have you know a different sort of side to them then I would definitely give it a go but and that’s my testimonial for her and thanks for listening bye I really enjoyed today the products have been amazing they feel very gentle and natural on your skin and don’t feel heavy like someone used in the past due I’m particularly impressed with the mask I’ve use days in the past and they felt like having your face being cracked by something that cynics it’s been exposed to but that felt very natural I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything so i would highly recommend the products and i’m very expertly applied so thank you very much my name is swollen and I’ve just had a lovely facial and makeover from Jabari using the gorgeous tropic skin care products and i’ve been using tropic for a year and a half now and i feel they’re lovely on my skin and I feel that they’re lovely because they’re like natural and and the vegan cruelty-free and my favorite products are the smoothing a cleanser bitumen toner skin revive and I just love all the M cosmetic products yeah for example the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks and the foundation my favorite lipstick is poppy and the eyeshadow is wild wisteria and yeah i’d recommend tropic to anyone


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