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Lush Deep Dives: Winter skin survival guide

(vibrant piano music) – So, often times when it gets colder and depending on your region and your own personal wants and needs, wintertime can mean needing products that are gonna be a little bit more hydrating, a little bit more soothing, so I’ve got some recommendations that’ll be great for winter skin time regimens, both for the face and the rest of the body. So let’s jump in, look at some of the options. So thinking about the face first, my number one recommendation, and this tends to be a cult product here at Lush, is Ultrabland. Ultrabland is loved by a lot of people because of its powerful abilities for taking off any kind of makeup, dirt, sweat from the day, but what I like about it for wintertime is it is an almond oil-based cleanser.

Almond oil on your face, as far as its cleansing properties, it means it’s gonna be able to attach onto, like I said, makeup, dirt, oil, really gently, but effectivity. So it just grabs onto it and it helps you to remove and wash it away. Now, for some of you who are maybe more used to a soap-based cleanser, also wanna talk about Movis. So, this might not be one you’re familiar with quite yet, I think almost one of like unsung heroes, in that sometimes it gets a little upstaged by Ultrabland or Angels on Bare Skin, but when you look at the ingredient list for something like Movis, what you’ll see, it’s a very gentle facial cleanser. It has just a tiny bit of soap-base in it so it’s enough to give you a little bit of lather so you feel clean, but it is by no means gonna leave you feeling tight or dry afterwards.

Now, toners, this is one especially when it starts to get a little bit colder, I live in Colorado, so I’m also thinking about dryness. Eau Roma Water is a very simple mix of lavender water and rose water. What I like about Eau Roma Water is it honestly is like having a bit of a sip of tea that’s got some lavender and rose in. That’s all you’re doing, you’re adding some hydration back into your face and that just kinda goes back to the idea that your cleansers aren’t mind readers, right? So when you’re washing your face, they could be taking away some of the stuff that you want to take off, but it might be taking some good oils, too.

So we wanna give a little bit of hydration back and in the wintertime, especially, something simple like Eau Roma Water is gonna be super soothing and very gentle on your skin. Now that we’ve talked about some cleansers, a toner that would work well, I’m sure the thing that immediately pops to mind of like what do I need in wintertime when my skin needs more moisture? A moisturizer. So I’ve got a couple options that I’d like to talk to you about. So I think about what is skin typically need in winter from a moisturizer? Of course, lots of moisture, but it also might need some calming and some soothing, just from cold weather, especially when there’s dryness in there, too. So two options, Celestial and Skin Drink. Depending on what you like doing, you might be using both, you might be using one, just is a good place to start.

Celestial, we are big fans of here at Lush, because of how soothing it is on the skin. It’s gonna have ingredients like Dove Orchid, so if you think about orchid flowers, right? Dove Orchid is incredibly calming on the skin, you’ve also got some almond milk, some cocoa butter, so Celestial is a really straight forward answer to I need some moisture right here. Skin Drink, so the other one, this one I love because of all the rose. We take loads of fresh rose petals, we make a bit of a tea and that’s where you see that rose petal infusion inside. There’s also fresh mashed avocados, sesame oil, so it is full of rich, hydrating ingredients. I don’t know about you, I’m quite lazy when it comes to putting lotion on, so the two options that I’m gonna show you I really appreciate for how quick and easy they are to use. The first is Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, this is a best seller here at Lush, people absolutely go crazy for the perfume. It is our Rose Jam perfume, if you’re familiar with it. If you haven’t used a body conditioner, it’s like your last step of the shower, right before you pop out, take the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, rub it anywhere shoulders down you’d want lotion, do a quick rinse, hop outta the shower, dry off and you’ve got your lotion, it’s a good one.

A Naked Alternative Buffy Body Butter, it is a big ol’ chunk of fair trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter. So, it’s moisturizing, to say the least (laughing). So, in a similar fashion to Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, last step in the shower, rub this anywhere, rinse off the scrub, pat dry. So you’re skin is gonna look super glowy and really healthy.

That’s what I’ve got, I’m probably gonna go make myself a little cup of tea ’cause as you can hear, it’s really starting to get in there. So, stay healthy, take time for yourself and take good care of your skin and let us know in the comments what else you wanna hear about and what you like using for your skin in wintertime, too. We’ll talk to you all later.

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