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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today, I’m here to bring you a skincare Nighttime routine and by nighttime routine. I literally mean just what I do To remove my makeup to wash my face yeah, I’m just gonna show you basically My skincare routine that I use before I go to bed. It’s that easy now, yes, if you’re wondering why the quality is probably not that good and I’m looking probably in a weird area And it’s the angles weird because I’m filming this on my iPhone, and there’s nothing wrong with filming with an iPhone It’s good to be real and my authentic self with you guys so I thought it’s okay if I don’t have my camera here with me right now because an IPhone works just as well Also if you’re wondering I mean most of you know that like Lilia Buckinghams one of my best friends And I basically live at her house, so I’m in her bathroom her beautiful bathroom, so yeah I’m just gonna be walking you guys through the steps I do by all means you will not have all of these products only because I have a dermatologist because when I was on tour last year I Had a dance with a wig over my forehead and that caused a lot of breakouts on my forehead so my skin was reacting and it was getting really intense, and it was like fired up and so I was getting super insecure so I decided to go to a dermatologist and most of these products are from my dermatologist and I used those because they have cleared my skin I have dupes that I’m going to Just show you throughout the video just to show you that there are things that work Just as well the only reason I use these products are because once again I wanted my skin to be clear, but there are other products I’ve used before that I recommend that are a lot cheaper as well and that you can find at like a drugstore that Will be great for your skin without further ado, let’s just get on to this video So I first start out by taking whatever makeup of that I had on that day, so I use Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towels towelettes these Makeup wipes.

A lot of people use these but I recommend them 100% they don’t have a super intense scent so they won’t make your skin break out They’re very light and gentle on your face, and they’re honestly worth buying because they do the job right they get all of your makeup off And they’re honestly just really gentle on your skin. Now you can tell I just took off my makeup with those wipes But something I’ve learned is that your makeup will never fully be off with just a makeup Wipe you’ll still have residue some dirt, which is gross But true and just a little bit of leftover mascara Let’s just say so I take this amazing micellar water Micellar Micellar cleansing water I know you say it. This is from Garnier. You can get this at Rite Aid Walgreens any drugstore, and it’s honestly so amazing All-in-one removes makeup cleanses and refreshes your skin and all you have to do is you just take this with some cotton pads so I just take this I damp it in the little cotton pad and I Just go and remove the makeup And As you can see there’s a little bit of dirt left over which is gross But I want to show you guys that it works And there are still leftover residue on your face that you don’t realize you have moving on Next I will move on to my face wash.

I am not gonna show you what face.. I’m not gonna show you what face wash I use only because it’s from the dermatologist And I have a feeling that no one’s gonna use it just a face wash that I recommend is the Cetaphil or Cetaphil I’m not really sure how to pronounce it. It might be Cetaphil. I don’t know, but this is what it looks like right here It’s just a nice face wash. I personally think that this face wash is amazing because it cleans your skin, it’s Not one that will give you a breakout. It’s very gentle and light, and it doesn’t have a fragrance I feel like face washes that have that perfume-y like fragrance kind of smell to them Usually has a little bit of chemical or scents that break my skin out So I think it’s super important to like care for your skin and to really pay attention to what ingredients and what Certain products are in them if that makes sense moving on to toner Okay, so this is also from my dermatologist, but I’m going to show you guys anyways.

This is a topical cleanser there’s a little bit of witch hazel in it and a little bit of alcohol and a toner is basically meant to just Really get into the skin I think it’s supposed to minimize the appearance of pores I believe and it’s also good to just get rid of any texture or pimples that might be coming onto your skin I personally think that adding this toner into my skin care Adding this toner into my skincare routine has definitely made such a big difference I feel like my skin is a lot better when I use this toner. Here’s another toner that I Recommend that I think is super good for your skin Honestly all toners.

I’m sure have the same purpose and they can do the same thing But I personally love the one I use. So I just take this with those cotton pads. I showed you earlier, and I just Apply that all around to my problem areas I don’t apply it to my whole entire face only because sometimes it can be a little drying, and yeah, that’s basically What I use for my toner Next this is not a necessary step to your skincare routine, but if you have pimples or you get breakouts I recommend this so much my dermatologist recommended this to me, but you can get it at a Pharmacy you have to go over the counter to get it like my mom got it for me, but it’s just this right here. Hello Hi I’m filming a YouTube video I put this on my problem areas as well It’s just a gel to prevent acne to clear up problem areas, and I really think this works And by the way I didn’t pronounce the name Because I don’t want to say it wrong.

I don’t want people to call me out for it This is really important to me if you guys Don’t need it. If you don’t want to use it. I totally understand I’m just showing you what I do. next for moisturizer I have two moisturizers that I’ve been going back and forth with they’re both on the pricey side but I think a moisturizer is one of the most important steps in my facial routine only because I Hate having dry skin and having that moisture back into your skin after putting the toner and putting that that peroxide gel It’s very important to have moisturized base for your skin first I’m going to show you the two moisturizers that I’ve been using a lot And then I’m going to show you one that I use that’s also super inexpensive So the first one is this Tatcha the silk cream if you guys watched my holiday makeup tutorial you will see that I’m obsessed with this like you don’t understand how good it is.

It’s weightless anti-aging and a rich silk extract for normal to dry skin the other one is I’m gonna lie really expensive And if you can’t get this I totally understand my mom gave this to me as a present So that’s I wouldn’t have it if I just like got it myself, but this is the la mer Moisturizer so this looks like that smells luxurious it smells amazing I also really recommend this like if you were to spend your money on something I Recommend these two moisturizers like if you’re going to get a high-end something if you’re willing to spend your money on a moisturizer These two oh my god. They are so amazing so tonight as you can see I was using the la mer one just because How is it the mood to use that one I’ve been using that one Recently a little more than the other just because I don’t know why but I really enjoy it and it’s so nice on my skin a Moisturizer that I really recommend, that’s also so amazing is the Clinique Moisturizer it’s the one it’s like an iconic one that I think everyone knows about it’s in a yellow tube And I also use that one as well Just as much They are so amazing and it is a lot cheaper than the Tatcha and La mer one so if you’re looking for that I totally recommend the Clinique one to Moisturize my lips I use the Smiths rosebud Little thing I love this it smells like rose obviously oh It’s I just literally put it to the camera thinking you guys were going to smell it, I’m an idiot.

Oh my god It smells amazing and it’s so moisturizing for the lips I love it so much and Lastly something that I use I don’t use it every night but when I do have a blemish or blemishes because I do get a lot of blemishes you guys just don’t see. Its the Mario Budescu ah Skincare drying lotion, this is an iconic Thing I feel like for me and my friends I know this is kind of gross But I recommend popping her pimple first and then putting the drying cream on top and then going to bed when you wake up It’s flat So you won’t have a textured bump on your skin.

I really think this works, so well, and you can find it at Urban Outfitters So it’s really nice and that guys really concludes my skincare routine I know a lot of you have been asking me to do this, and I know you probably found it not as helpful or kind of boring, but I did want to show it to you guys and I Understand that some of these products were a little pricey, but promise me I don’t just buy them just to have them my skincare is one of the most important things to be spending money on because I really cherish My skin, and I want it to be great, and I get really insecure if I don’t have perfect skin I also realized that I’m a teenager and every teenager gets blemishes and goes through Different times with their skin my skins up and down all the time, but for the most part I’m lucky to have the skin I do have if you guys found this helpful at all Just let me know I will also link the products in the description below just so you guys can Find them if you want to get them or order then comment down below What products that you use or you are going to try now because you watch this video, so yeah? Thank you guys so much for watching.

Have a good rest of your day or night or wherever you are And yeah, good bye .


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