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My Skin Care Routine 2017 | Get Clear Naturally Glowing Skin | Victoria Victoria

Thank you all so much for watching my skincare routine for how to get glowy skin, rid acne and promote collagen production. In this skin care routine I’ll tackle acne and blemishes. Enjoy! hi ladies and you guys can already tell by the title today I will be doing my skincare routine I have missed you guys so much let me just say if I haven’t uploaded a video in two weeks and I look like oh my god girls I need to upload a video so I am back with the skin care routine for you guys now I know like with us ladies with us putting on makeup and piling it on and getting soaked into our pores and pulling our skin down that we need to have a skin care regimen that we can look glowy and beautiful when we take the mask off so I’m gonna share with you guys what I do on a daily and also my 1 weekly mass that I do so you guys can see what I do to keep my skin go away without makeup so you guys just keep watching and I’ll make sure I try to keep it as thorough as possible from beginning to end but I don’t want to bore you to death either you guys know how I am I don’t want you to fall asleep on me so I’m gonna try to make it quick and I hope you enjoy alright ladies so let’s get it in starting from the top the first thing that I do is I use a rag on my face with just water I’d never use soap on my face whenever I use soap on my face it makes my skin even drier and like I said I have really dry skin to begin with so I just wet a rag with lukewarm water and that just blot my face now I like to block my face and sweep and upward motions because I don’t like I don’t want to pull down on my skin I don’t want to create any wrinkles or lives it’s I don’t have to look like unnecessarily so I always sleep in an upward motion it’s from my mom I know this has been gonna sweep it in an upward motion and block and I always try to be as gentle with gentle with my skin as possible you know like I said if I were to use soap on my face oh my god it would just be so dry so my face just can’t handle it so this is what I do every day is the first thing is just go in with a wet rag and just sweep upward and blot step one now the next step ladies that I do is I go in and target my problem areas and that would be pimples and blemishes now I’d like to use bio oil and I use those on I used to throw up my entire pregnancy when I was pregnant with my son for stretch marks and it worked wonderfully but I also like to add this to my skincare regimen for any scars like so and I just go in and rub that on there and I also use 100% coconut butter and I get these from Whole Foods it looks like this and this is also good for scars so I alternate between the two okay ladies now step three is to go in and that those pimples on my face now after I go in with the bio oil or the coconut butter on my face I will go in and get pimples with a q-tip and although I know some people are going to scream and yell at me like a friend of mine she’s like what but yes I use rubbing alcohol just apply it directly to the pimple it works wonders I don’t know why people are so against this some people are so again it says I guess because it’s drying to the skin I’m not telling you to take like an alcohol bath with your face I’m just saying I apply some to a q-tip and put it on your pimple like here and here and I count it and I just let that sit for probably about 20 to 30 seconds or so and this just works wonderfully just to zap these pimples and that’s that okay ladies now moving on to the next step I’ll go right in I start working under my eyes and right here on the my frown lines now I use this product by Peter Thomas Roth did I say the right I always hear wrong by Peter Thomas Roth and I love this product I am not affiliated with this product whatsoever so don’t think I’m selling anything to you I get no coin from this but this is what it looks like can you see that and it’s like packed full of vitamin C it’s called camel camel power but cama cama it was a plant and this is so this makes your skin glow like no like no other and I just I just have it under my eye area that’s where I focus that’s where I put my focus but it’s also an overall face cream and I use it all over my face too but I really focus here because it tightens your skin like I don’t know what this stuff is amazing I get it from Sephora and it has a squeeze top like that and you just squeeze it out and I put this directly under my eyes right here on the frown lines and I work over my eye as well right over my lids and it smells nice it smells like an orange or a tangerine it has a really nice scent to it and this like I said it’s an overall face cream so whatever is left over from me doing this rubbing it on my eyes and on my frown lines I just go in and sweep it across the rest of my face as well I love this scream all right so the next step is my moisturizer I use coconut oil coconut oil antimicrobial is antibacterial and it helps promote collagen so I love this I get my coconut oil from Whole Foods but I believe you can pick it up at any natural food store and I think it’s about that much I’m sure that might be a little too much he’s about that much because I’m just gonna do a light glaze over my face and again I sweep it upward motion you don’t want to pull your skin down you don’t want to say if any sooner than you have to so in upward motions and I also do it on my neck that way I’ll show you and I use coconut oil and not only on my face but I use it all over my body it’s a great moisturizer I’m just getting a little more coconut oil you get in my forehead and that is it that is what I do on a daily basis now I’m gonna go into what I do once a week as a face mask all right ladies so well when it got my honey so I can show you guys the mats that I use on my face once a week and that is my summer glow manuka honey mask and it’s just plain manuka honey and this one is 16 plus new and math which is the unique Manuka factor and i get mine from manuka honey calm it’s fresh summer glow and this promotes collagen and this makes your skin and glow so beautifully I love this product and again I am not affiliated with them whatsoever so I’m not trying to sell you anything now I am from the country so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but for those of you who do you can go in with a stick like this and just dip it in and apply it to your face but not me I’m just gonna go in with my fingers there’s sticky honey and then it’s gonna rub this all over my face now I’m just giving showing you guys an example I don’t typically put on my oils first and then put on my honey when you do this honey you want to do this alone on a clean face not after you’ve already put on your oils I’m just showing you guys how I would apply it and I’m still sleeping in an upward motion and don’t plan on going outside when you have this on and seriously look at attacked by bees Jesus all right it’s apart that’s all over my face and I’ll leave this on as a mat and I’ll leave this on for about an hour but sometimes all we put on for like four hours if I get busy like with my son I’ll just keep it on and then after to rinse it off you just rinse it off with warm water and go back over it with a rag and make sure to get above my eyes I feel like when you’re aging the first places that you should show signs of aging on your eyes and your frown lines so always pay close attention and focus on those areas and there you go like is that it’s the honey mask that I do once a week and so again that stays on it for about an hour or a longer and then I just rinse that right off and there you have it ladies I hope you guys have enjoyed my skincare routine I went ahead and wash the honey off of my face and that is it that is to my skincare routine it’s really simple and for those of you guys who are following me for the growth challenge I’ve decided to go ahead and upload a video every month as opposed to every week or every two weeks because it doesn’t really make any sense like because you wouldn’t really see much of a difference but well I have y’all and I’m gonna go ahead and show you where I am you guys know that it is straight slash oil week so be prepared for the oiliness but here we are oh my goodness it is so oily but here we are Lee I hope you guys can see this you see about where we are with our relief can you guys see that like you can’t I hope so but that’s where we are as far as our link now if you don’t know what I’m talking about please join us in our hair growth challenge we are using oils and are you Veda and so on to grow our hair super fast I’ll leave a link in the description box below but I just wanted to give you guys a quick up and let you guys know that I’ll be updating every month instead of every two weeks or every week but again thank you guys so so much for watching my skincare routine and I will see you guys in the next video I love the way you put it on your eyes the Roses on your face light up the sky those lips are colorful all of girl that’s fine but I wanna know do you mind they’ll make up today don’t wake up don’t make


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