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Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel I’m Monica and as I said in my last video this is going to be the project pan number one for 2018 actually this one is gonna be Part B for body care and hair care I’m gonna live down below the link for the first one the Part A which is skin care and makeup I know those kind of project pans are for some of the people are kind of boring because you keep seeing the same products all the time but for me and actually for those who are using them it’s a great way to reduce your collection or your staff or whatever you have it to the point of giving a value to your money the money that you spend buying them and as you if you were watching my channel you can see that I got lots of stuff lots of skincare and all kind of goodies in the last month especially with advent calendars but I still have lots of products that I bought before and I wanna use them so for this video I really have as I said the body care in the hair care because I was getting so many samples I’m using most of the time samples and I’m kind of avoiding the full-size products which I realized that it’s about time to use them because I want to try all the time something new and it’s kind of boring to use a full sized sample even if you like that product so I decided to use them and for that I put them in project pants so we’ll see how this work for me and wish me good luck with this and I will really appreciate it so first us shower gels I have the Korres or I have no idea how you pronounce this one inspired passionate patient something like that spill is the full size its patient with patient fruity and filled worried drawers I heard a lot about this brand I see many ladies over YouTube talking about this and after loving it then I have this guy which I got in about 2 or 4 Korean boxes this is the shower gel hello a 92% Holika Holika I think I have another full-size of this and two samples so I wanna finish this one too then I got this is from red walls is the yoga flow it’ll you sorry Indian rose and sweet almond oil I love Lee Tawes products I have lots of samples and full size and now I want to use this one and then the last thing a shower gels is the it’s from philosophy is the snow angel I love them I just finished the Amazing Race 1 but still my favorites the seniorita margarita I believe correct me if I’m not right I don’t remember exactly the name but there’s that one was the first one I use and I I really enjoy using this I like those tone but that one was my favor and then for the next category after the 14th I wanna feel I want to use this dr.

Teals gentle exfoliant it’s full its on open you can use this in shower so I’m planning to use this one and then I have couple foot creams this one’s by luxury it’s day oka lip toes it’s still on open and then I have this one is min jungle foot cream by Siam something like that I’m using a foot cream every night so usually I’m using 2 or 4 per month and this one is still from luxury foot Kremlin the lavender sound the other one was yo colleague twist and I’m using right now with this one still from looks or a foot cream peppermint and I’m kind of to the half of this one I’m gonna mark it down this one all I can say about this it’s a great foot cream it does absorb in no time it doesn’t stain your sheets it’s not greasy it’s just it’s just great so then also for teeth I have those moisturizing socks you can see them here and I’m planning to use in these 3 months I have o46 of them and they look like this when I’m too lazy to apply of hot cream I’m using the toe socks which are filled with cream already so yeah those are good products and this is all for the feet for the foot care for the next category as body scrubs body creams and body mist or room room and body mist I’m planning to use this body scrub is biotherapeutics it’s the loofah exfoliating scrub a lever on TV I used this one before and I love it it smells so good and does such a great job exfoliating your body it’s a great one I can wait to you this one and I also put this one on my 10 firm favorite products so is this one first and then ease his path which came in a body in a beauty box this is crowd love hydrating coconut oil body scrub coconut cranberry and then I have those two not real body scrubs which are from SK or something like this and this is a SK for essentials I believe is the just mean citrus body scrub those are deluxe samples I believe and I have two of them that I want to use and then as body creams I want to use this Victoria Secret is the Aqua kiss shimmer body lotion I usually use the shimmer ones in summer most of the time in summer but I have couple of those and I want to use them so I decided to use one of them now this is the first one then I have the body shop this is the early harvest raspberry from the body shop and this is the body butter I believe for 24 hours hydration for dry skin and I’d yeah it’s a softening body butter and then from Tihar another favor of mine it’s shaped body butter original change the all three of them are new one open and actually I can really open this one yeah so those are full full products and then I want to use those two by Jergens natural glow with skin moisturizer I usually use those for my legs this is an open this one it’s fair to medium and I use this one about once maybe twice I don’t know but I have them in my collection and I want to use them because here in Arizona it feels like it’s summer all the time even in the winter so you need to have a good ten and then as body mists I want to use those which this one the first one is from Victoria’s Secret I don’t know why you can see exactly it’s new and this one is the exotic kiss it’s a full-size and then I want to use this this one is by philosophy fresh cream is the body mist and this one smells like vanilla cookies I am here right now I’m kind of this point and I really really love the smell of this I usually don’t use body means for my body but I use them for my for my room water even for my bed so this is the second one and then I am using right now this one is the Oaxaca Chia I believe it’s called peaceful peaceful patchouli or ever how you pronounce it in a sweet orange there is no way to show you where I am right now how much I used but I have kind of half of this so I’m going to wait this one and see exactly how much is in there until I I finish it and this one came as a gift it’s from a better embody wars winter key in the Apple I never used this one it’s a small size so I’m gonna use this one also for my room and my bed so that’s all for this category the last category in my project pan Part B it’s the you can see actually you can hear the fireworks already it’s about seven o’clock in Arizona 7:00 p.m.

And the kids are starting to play with the fireworks so the first item in here for the hair as I said hair products are those products that I’m struggling the most to use them and the first one is this one is the sexy hair so fat free curl defining conditioner I really like this one it’s a huge one I mean I am Not sure but I am think I’m kind of here using it but there is no way to see exactly where is the point and I’m gonna wait this just to see the progress I I will make hopefully I will make I like this one I use it before I use the styling cream from for the same brand which I like it I have a little bit natural curl in my hair so it works for me so this is the first one I wanna year I’m planning to using those three months and then I have this shampoo which takes me a long time to finish it this one is the anti dandruff shampoo neutral with nettle and I remember I watered this one online because the nettle ingredient is not allowed in the u.s.

I believe it’s not data and selling anything with metal here so at least when I check this it wasn’t a bit us so I ordered this on Amazon it’s a good treatment for hair loss it didn’t do much for me this is the second one I’m using and I’m kind of half of the the jar I wanna finish shape just because I pay for this but it didn’t do much for me as I said in another videos I’m struggling with hair loss and it seems that problem comes because of some thyroid problems so I didn’t find anything product hair product yet that helped with hair loss so if you have any recommendation I’ll be glad and glad to try them then I want to use the styling theme is by evolve age is superior finish polishing ball I’m here at this point right now I’m not styling my hair maybe just once in a while so I’m not using those type of of products too often then I have this small guides by madam Wong Walker I believe and is the coconut oil I’m here at this point the the way I’m using the hair wounds I’m just combining them with hair conditioner and then I have another hair oil it’s bike wise the rose hair and body and oil I’m using for my hair and I’m at this point with this one so as I said I’m not good in using hair products this is my checking point if I can say that and then another item that I want to finish is this smell out hair mist pretty girl I got this in one of those Korean boxes roughly this is the second one it smells so great it’s great to refresh your hair especially during the summer I’m here at this point right now and I’m gonna buy more of this and then I have those two products from dove one of them is the mousse it’s a full-size and the other one is the dry shampoo also full sized on open and then because my battery was going to die pretty soon I’m gonna go fast over the last product this is the word orchid oil and this one is from OGX I believe color protect oil it’s full so you’ll see how I’m gonna work with that then I have those two samples one is the hair serum it’s from and degree and degree or something like that smoothing Moroccan African scuse me it’s smoothing Moroccan argan oil and clarity and that funny and then I have from health with the argan oil and this is a hair treatment and then I have just dry shampoo which is by Oscar brandy dry shampoo invisible spray I’m using Russian prunes once in a while and then the last product is the hair mask is the carotene Ian Hughes we did see me rolls and this one is smoothing hair mask so it’s a full-size it’s a big jar I have couple samples open and after I’m gonna finish those I’ll start using this one I think it’s great oops way too much for three months for me but we’ll see if I can get through this one will be good so that’s all in my project pan part be the body and hair care thank you so much for watching as I say you can hear the fireworks it’s nothing else just the fireworks so for sure or I don’t know exactly if I’m able to post this before 2018 which is two hours and a half away here in Arizona but even then I wish you all to have a very very nice night a very nice New Year’s Eve and also a very happy 2018 thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time bye bye


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