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Sana Khaan reveals her skin care routine secrets | Home Remedies | Skin Care Tips

I have been getting this question all the time on my Instagram private messages on my you know below my pictures and my other social sites about my skin I think Everybody loves base which is more natural which is- where you get a full coverage at the same time. You know it’s not shown too much So I think first I always tell the very important thing is to take care of your skin Like that’s the basic. So I, what I do is I exfoliate I cleanse I tone – every day. You might think ki I’m just saying same old thing what everybody says but trust means it is a fact.

Generally what people do is they just go and they get products. They don’t understand if you have an oily skin, or if you have a Sensitive skin you should always see that the product is water-based otherwise if it’s cream base or if it’s anything else we get more acne and because of the oil you get You know your skin looks very very oily I do my makeup everyday, like almost every day because if I go out, I am someone who’s always dressed if I go out And if I’m dressed I do my basic makeup.

So definitely my, you know I have all the makeup in my pores and everything so what I do is once I come back I clean my face. I think using cold compressed oil or coconut oil is very very good for your skin I also use it for my hair for my body also very importantly I want to tell you, it has nothing to do with the face thing But generally people who go to gym and then they have a complain of having stretch marks It’s because when your skin is not lubricated that well you your your skin tends to stretch, and when it stretches it gives you stretch marks, so always keep in mind that when you go to work out always lubricate your whole body and then you go and workout with it, then when your skin stretches you will not develop a stretch mark.

So precaution is always better than whatever you use later. The cocoa or a caffeine based cream to remove your stretch marks. But it is a little difficult. But as far as skincare is concerned you can always; I have switched to all the herbal products as much as I can and I try to use, I also use lots of high end products. I use exfoliator Which is a very very mild one And I see to it that I don’t really rub very hard because you really don’t need to so I just give a light Circulation motion, and I just wash my face. I use a nice face wash. In the end I use a face pack it can be a dude or baseball face bad more It can be anything that is your skin type.

I use that and then After that when I am done I just pat my face I used one face oil Whichever you like the lot of brands out there you can go and select I use a face oil for that You know my skin is more subtle at times I use face sheets on my face And I just leave the overalls I leave the sheet on my face for 30 minutes And I leave the serum overnight and next day when I wake up, I wake up with all glowing skin I think these are very very essential thing Which a lot of people generally we use the mask in the daytime we remove it.

A lot of people also wash their faces also. Guys Please do not wash your face will just keep the serum on your face even if you are using before any big event or anything I think you just keep the sheet on your face Remove it after 30 minutes. It absorbs all the serum inside your skin, and then just taking apply your makeup you don’t have to remove thebecaus serum because after your makeup is done, after an hour or two your skin starts really glowing, it looks was very very nice Every day I used besan honey turmeric, lemon. I squeeze everything together and put it on my face with curd I use malai at times, but now that it is getting hot and I am an acne prone skin I’m not using that. I use the honey and cinnamon powder on my face Because it really helps you to reduce your scars really helps it reduces your scars. So I use that that on alternative basis because this is actually have little scars left from my acne also use I also rub a little timmy do when my mom like in the morning I just take a small piece is the best removing product if you use it every day is amazing and people who are dark circle issues I always tell them be some difficulty to embrace abuse all bullshit it doesn’t do anything you have to cut a slice of potato and place it under your eyes and Just see after 16 minutes when you remove it you will see there is you know the doctors? We will give you 50% and even the puffiness everything .

It’s the best Photograph it Empowers probably just give you a little cooling that you can any which is as with any cooling you know eyepatch that you use but Potatoes are really nice like you can literally see a lot of difference in your skin tone as well with the so I think I try to move all this stuff committed as it is it’s usable for me I don’t have to spend much for my pocket because I think given that one thing that you that what really needs to take care of You can’t be going and spending too much of money and buy so many . So that’s all our usual I hope you liked this video and whatever tips. I gave I am sure that you will really try them at home, and you can also let us know if those really works for you and If you do, so, then you know comment subscribe and like think you’ll adore calm


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