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Nerf War: 1 Million Subscribers

Wooooh(GONE CRAZY) Wooooh! One Million. Congratulations boys a million subscribers oh hmmm What do we do now? *Ding dong* Ooooh Looks like we got some fan mail. Dear Paul, Congratulations on reaching one million subscribers. What an amazing accomplishment. We are huge fans of you Nerf war videos, and in honour of you guys reaching 1 million subscribers We’ve sent you a new bean bag and our new Sumo Air Lounger. Hopefully these will help you out in your future Nerf wars. Well. This will be a nice new addition to my room. Wait, what? What do we get? I think this is for you guys. Looks like ten pounds of beef jerky. Go at it. Well. That’s not fair. Ok, well I will tell you guys what. Nerf battle. You two against me. If you guys win. I will give you the beanbag. Alright. Okay. Let’s shake on it. Good luck. You are gonna need it. *bangs on boxes* (background music) Paul from PDK films.

I need a supply drop. Repeat I need a supply drop. Here you go. Thank you, very much. Whoo. Whoooooo. Yeah. Bean bag’s mine. What’s up youtube. Paul from PDK films here. And first I just need to thank you guys so much by helping us reach 1 million subscribers. I started making youtube videos back in 2009, so finally 7 years later, I hit 1 million. I am honestly so pumped and I owe it all to you guys. Whether you subscribed way back in the day, Or just right now. So thank you so much. Go buy yourself a burrito. You deserve it. I also want to say thank you to Sumo bean bags, they have sent us a bunch of bean bags over the years for us to use in our videos. Including this video. If you are on the market for a bean bag, check out Sumo, they are a great company with awesome beanbags. Alright, that basically covers everything, I want to thank you once again for helping me to reach 1 million subscribers.

We will see you in the next video. Peace. .

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