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Fit Body Challenge ♥ Perfect Days of Sweat Pt.2 | Fitness Workout

Whats up guys welcome to your fit body health classification if you are doing the cardio venture this is your second video your week 2 video this type is powerful to tone up your whole body you’re going to work your legs your shoulders your abs your butt the whole thing to get you feeling strong so please guys for those who persist with this exercise for those who mix it to my other health movies or yoga workout routines and maintain a clean diet i promise you’ll see effective outcome so if you’re capable seize a mat a water and lets do that alright guys so have been going to begin at present in downward facing canine commencing with a pleasant tremendous stretch stretch taking a moment running out your dog urgent each heel down to the ground so you particularly feel that stretch from the back of the legs first-rate after which from right here running your palms again towards your ft slowly rolling up to standing inhale achieving arms up stepping with correct foot ahead clapping lunges prolong both knees bending each knees carry arms down 10 occasions and two inhale as you lengthen exhale as you unencumber you received it 5 don’t forget that back knee is coming low to the bottom 2 more last one subsequent undertaking called your peek a boo hands hover the again knee convey the elbows collectively and open able 10 instances keep as low as you can last one first-rate job guys come forward subsequent undertaking flying arm press eight occasions final one quality job guys hands down knee to chest come to plank touch knee to chest in a position attain leg up come ahead to plank come forward shoulders right above your wrists last one elbow touches contact knee to each elbow superb reach leg up come on down along with your knee to mat straight leg circles 8 instances capable here we go reverse the circle 50 50 plank extend reverse arm ahead maintain it for me here 20 seconds with each and every exhale suppose about pulling belly backside to the backbone double pump maintain it here guys 50 50 plank this time handiest 10 seconds bring belly and chest all the method right down to the floor one legged grass hopper carry from the glute deliver leg back up now and keep it for 10 seconds engage the correct glute prime foot flexed elevate that knee as excessive as you need to use your glute and ur done extraordinary subsequent is little one pulses 20 instances pulsing the knee use the glute muscle to do the worl and 3 2 1 point and prolong the leg out hand subsequent to physique and push as much as left knee massive leg swings contact it one nook of your mat then the opposite you bought 4 more last one guys come again to centre hold tuck your again toes raise that leg up one legged downward canine walk it out on spot take a 2d to breath find your breath stroll hands back to feet switch it to the opposite part now stepping forward with left foot going again to our clapping lunges attain the palms over your head and beneath 10 occasions exhale take it down clap your quit your head between the legs now come down low hand press activity excessive 5 any individual beneath and carry it up take it down two keep in mind keep the back knee low elbows up prolong your knee flying arm press chest low 10 instances chest satisfactory and low stay in lunge function 8 9 10 come on down one legged downward dog 8 instances contact knee to chest right into the plank shoulders over wrists half of approach there last one again to elbow touches contact the knee to every elbow 20 occasions get that knee high as that you could outstanding guys extned come on down to your correct knee back to our leg circles 8 occasions every part competent keep that knee straight circle it out reverse the circle preserve it 50 50 plank when you’re equipped take that proper arm forward 20 2nd keep don’t forget to breath right here pull that stomach bottom right into the backbone enticing your core maintaining identical hight with arm and leg inhale and exhale pump extend and keep 50 50 plank again this time 10 sec maintain identical height with arm and leg deliver hand down lets get over to our bellis come on down going back to single leg grasshoppe hold the knee raise the knee using the left elite to do all the work right here last one hold it here now guys use your left glute try to get thight of the the mat hold going to pulses wpfking simply crom the dlue epp uee rmsds prolong push your weight again as much as your khees gilsge sinp10ntimes kick up you bought 3 more last one guys kick it up come back to middle tuck again toes carry yourself again up unencumber to downward canine then come forward conserving plank 10 seconds here shoulders over the wrists maintain maintaining preserve respiratory next recreation shoulders faucets 20 occasions transferring weight from left to right retaining core robust ultimate function is your plank 15 seconds residence stretch maintain it fore me after this your completed three 2 1 tremendous job come on over to childspose get hips low as that you would be able to closer to the heels take this second guys simply to breath the whole thing out this used to be a tough workout so some thing u did today i’m so happy with u i’m happy with you for sticking through where you’re correct now could be exactly where u must be first-rate job in these days guys roll as much as seated and your done thank you so much for joining me today and do not forget to subscribe for more workout routines and yoga movies and if you happen to love this exercise consider free to share it or love it plenty of affection

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