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This is a exceptional opportunity for anybodyif you wish to have to really try to take your self to the next degree absorb achallenge this is a ultimate possibility for that. We are going to go to the low rings andthen we are going to go step-by-step through the procedure and the drills and thenhopefully by the top of the day we will soar up there and spot if we will get onedone no mats, no assistance all via yourselfsounds excellent cool once we’re beginning on these rings certainly the muscle up Ialways teach it the flawed means around you continuously gain knowledge of from the help andthen work your method down so there isn’t any point in been out to push up if youcan’t genuinely keep your self in support and rings yeah well that’s that’s why Ilike it first-rate all proper so we simply with a couple of dips precisely howwe do in P bars so we begin the Rings turned out then come inring grew to become in after which push back out into that position at any time when let’s go forfive push up one just right two three not bad 4 and an extra fivepush excellent beside the Rings wanna go away whenever stop so let’s move on to thetransition there is a grip that we do on the Rings, basicallywhat we’re trying to do is maintain our wrists on top of the Rings and if wedon’t get that then it is going to make it fairly rather tough to get out thereget into the blended grip to get your wrists on high and yourbasically bring one foot up and the opposite one from here and should you canstraighten your hands do that is particularly excellent and you are just going to come up ashigh as that you could k and simply make certain your wrists are the perfect factor on theRings very uncomfortable ok one don’t try to go up simply yet attempt to maintain yourhips in a straight line so you’re nice and inline that is it and simply do 10 upand down shut which you could attempt to touch your chest to your knuckles toothree for just one other good now not unhealthy all rightto be fair that weren’t too bad in reality all right so we’re gonna begin supportlike you probably did we will have our feet on the block just to take a bit of ofweight off for now okay so we’re going to come again into that position right here andas we’ll carry our shoulders back and as we can we’re trying to keepour wrists on top and bring it round to our chest ok so we come into that dipposition excellent that is it and now as bring your shoulders again yeah okaynot bad let it go what you find is like with the load process the place you are veryused to pushing a heavy load yeah only one muscle and then that workforce and thenthis team looking to mix all of them collectively and that is what gymnastics is allabout is the whole persona everything working together keep them rings asclose as possible that’s it and convey the Rings circular particularly deliver it in frontnice and gradual get capable you higher higher higher higher so we need to tryand fix our hips so it goes to here proper so i’m in a straight line stillokay after which relatively carry your shoulders again rings in entrance, shoulders back higher there we go now we will working it theother approach so we’re in a high-quality straight commencing role here ok then theidea is we still need to pull as much as our chest and from here what we’re trying todo is transfer our shoulders on top in order you bring your shoulders up ah see yousee how the Rings came correct out to the facet yeah okaykeep them in front you had been trying to get to this part of your chest just doone more to tug up in the shoulders that is itthat’s it deliver that there you go and push up just right brings turned out andcome again high-quality and sluggish all right you so supply yourself just a little bit ofroom to move considering that at the moment you’re right here and there’s nowhere to goyeah there you go done yeah that’s the one he’s executed the primary and the toughest phase ofbeginning to do the muscle-up that is the transition there we will take him upand we the place we are going to try the subsequent stage so what you are going to be aware of isjust keeping somewhat dished okay keep best and tight your belly yourlegs even your toes makes a gigantic difference simply pointing your toesyou’ll be starting with your feet in front in this role right here you get tokeep dished as you pull up and as you come up that you would be able to drop your feet so it’sunderneath you so it is able for while you push up aid, but that’swhat we would like – easy there you go i’m all over the situation nono it is just good and come backpedal the identical means if that you could just right little better.I simply believe ‘vigor’ robotically, my mind is alwaysthinking simply power I ought to get my mind out of that that is it the item isit that you would be able to nonetheless consider like that but we just ought to use it in the rightdirection within the proper method yeah it get your shoulders forwards good excellent I’llstop me swinging excellent first-rate good shape best dish form and back down you’re feet in entrance. Nicebut we bought it you start to get that little feeling once more your shoulders overhave a rest let’s go over to Olympic rings undoubtedly alright so if we canget a great clean one on there that you may go away an awfully glad man in these days ok whenyou’re equipped don’t rush considering that it’s the just one approach to do itis to get the old shuffle on proper all right that is that’s hard but i am gonnatry to do it yeah, throw it into the mix that is able straightaway it is frustrating, isn’t it? Yeah it was once so close I prefer to have that bitthere specially gymsastics is having the strength power with the control youcan’t do you are not able to have you ever understand it comes as a bundle you can not just havethe force you cannot simply have the energy it’s the full package deal keep your legs collectively, i’m going to helpbe excellent yeah all correct. Let’s do it exceptional terrific is invariably room for improvethe man however bloody excellent higher yup but however nonetheless how a lot you weigh now? Howabout 92 somewhere ninety two kilos up on the rings, it is a tall order. How complex is that, Alex? It can be problematic it can be no longer for the faint hearted, let’s put it that approach. Why?It is on account that it can be a blend of the whole thing it’s no longer simply force isthere process involved as good as it can be now not just your fingers upper physique it can be yourstomach your core legs the whole lot so in regards to the intellect and just listening towhat you’ve gotten been instructed and make it happen so I feel particularly pleased that I could doas this man stated you realize to gain that in a session i’m impressedI just discovered like you are paying close attention and now not making use of what you are whatyou already recognize as as your force or utilising what others are tellingyou.You already know take that and use it to your knowledge considering that for those who use whatyou’re used to it doesn’t aid all the manner all of the timeI mean routinely you recognize he who dares wins they are saying so i am daring to trygymnastics i am daring to take a look at new things and you realize i tried listening and that i wasable to try this as you see then i am certain that you’d have captured a few a fewof me attempting and messing up real unhealthy because I did a number of explosive stuffbut that did not work it can be all about fairly you already know the process thedynamics of simply pulling in getting a transition that is the oneyeah I mean uh yeah i am relatively glad with thatthanks good seize that’s a just right session yeah recreation onnice yeah i’m coming Musclemania baby Ty-og, be careful we’re coming.

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