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MMD on Crack #7 – Pistola Hipnótica

[Mew] Meow! [Breaking a pencil] Who’s there? One more cat! [Laughter] i hope we are able to have another dispute as … [Shot] "Headshot!" "Double Kill!" "Multi Kill!" "Incrible!" i’m no longer now not goat! If I could, i’d kill a thousand! "Hypnotic Gun" She has an awfully wonderful smile! It was once she who taught me to draw and likewise taught me many thi… AH! I do not remember that there not… I do not take this dilemma Bulletin. 1 Hour later…. Please I don’t need reliable sailing there, Igor, you are a fag. MY GOD, HE was once now not QUEER, IGOR? IGOR was no longer gay? IGOR was once no longer gay, EH?.

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