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Dog Face Gets Hypnotized and The Doll Master’s Daughter, Cindy Stops By and Attacks McNalley

I’ve a brand new buddy right here Joe yeah I’mgonna be busy i’m gonna babysit you guys today we’re gonna have a lot funyes tell me y’all we’re gonna go for a stroll after which anything bury some bones thanks psycho you in a position sure ok heyhey let’s take your hand i am not ok that sounds ridiculous so you’re tellingme that you just suppose that the babysitter that we hired is honestly working withthe doll grasp I wasn’t joking as I saw the doll faces innocent he is areally fine man okay so you don’t wait a 2nd wait a second I believe it’s time ISylvia have been you playing fetch with dog faces you’re now not supposed toplay fetch with the babysitter all right so guys we want you to remark downbelow if you happen to suppose the dog face obtained hypnotized by means of the doll grasp I thinkmaybe Sylvie’s received an overactive imagination hello guys welcome again to ourchannel for actual it started within the late shows that feature that skyline who are you nightmare Cindy Cindy whatwhy you say these worst nightmare why is it your mouth moving oh sure oh mygoodness Cindy Cindy I do not want you to take this the fallacious approach and i’m nottrying to be mean on salting or some thing however your breath smells like a garbagecan on a warm summer season day so the doll grasp is your dad whatwhose hand is on your mouth what’s that I see your hand so why does your dadwant to take over Silvia noise channel I feel Julie is a good guy no we aretraining Joey’s perpetually gonna be a good guy he’ll become a member of the securityassociates it is not humorous k so that is the deal i’m gonna backup just a little bit i’m gonna get you some mint flavored water and that is need youto gargle it ok right truthfully I think your breath is messing with the digital camera alittle bit for those who get McNally McNally that’s the Dahle masters excuse me aren’t you just a bit kidbut to me you are a friend of one of the most kids yeah McNelly that is a bad guyit’s a baby do not appear in her eyes McNally McNally McNally Oh absolutely thisguy’s vain good someone say officer McNally are youdo forever discover on the web so we little

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